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One of the privileges of every believer is to hear the voice of the One who formed and fashioned them, and created them to fulfill the plans and purposes of the LORD. Here at Glory of Zion International, we have a desire to equip and train the Body of Christ to hear and release the heart and mind of God into the earth realm. In this section of the website, you will hear the latest prophetic revelation from Chuck and many others.

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The Days of Hiding are Past

Give Me Room to Multiply and Expand You

A Sound is Coming that will be Groundbreaking

Who will agree with Me

Listen Clearly and Hear the Anointing to Build

Cutting the Bands of Resistance

Favorable Outcomes this Week

Choose This Day

I Am Circling In Heaven Go Up the Mountain

Get Ready to Move and Glide

Deep State of Resistance

Sound the Alarm

Im Firing the Vision and Establishing Kingdom

The Glory is Here - Yield

Know Me as Father and I Will Deliver You This Week

Step Into Freedom, Prosperity and Profit

Rise Above the Swell and Walk On the Waters

Listen to the Voice Calling You Forward

Walk the Waters and Claim Them

The Pew is Calling the Pullpit

The Right Time is Now

War for the Future

Exchange of Power

The Kingdom Clash

Danger Ahead

Comeback Mindset

Open Our Eyes

A Month for Investing

Floodgates of Creativity