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Apr 25, 2018 - School of Prophets!

Earlier this year, our Week of Prophecy activated a whole new dimension of expressing the heart and mind of God.  We must not lose ground in seeing this gift manifest in the Body of Christ.  Therefore, I want to invite you to attend The International School of Prophets on July 12-15 here at the Global Spheres Center.  This historic gathering will help take you beyond your present understanding and level of prophetic activation to:
Activating Your Senses to Know the Spirit!
Prophesying Over Thrones of Iniquity!
Prophesying Over Territories!
Seeing into the Angelic Realm!
Gaining an Open Heaven for Revelation!
Establishing New Movement Around You with Prophecy and Sound!
Gaining Revelation Over Old Cycles in Your Life!
Seeing into the DNA Structure of a Person!
Prophesying over Yourself!
Moving into Prophesy that Unlocks Harvest!
Joining me will be Barbara Wentroble, Blake Healy, Eulalee King Bals, Isaac Pitre, Jenny Watson, John & Sheryl Price, Robert Heidler, and others.  There is no cost to register, so sign up today at if you plan to join us, either onsite or by webcast.  We will begin on Thursday evening and meet through Sunday morning.  This amazing weekend will also include our Firstfruits Celebration the Hebraic Month of Av. Don’t miss being with us as we advance to new horizons!  

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