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An Email to You from Pam Pierce!


Saturday, September 9, 2017

To My Family:

As I read the latest email regarding the expansion of the Oasis Wing at Global Spheres, it occurred to me that those of us here on site probably have a different perspective than much of our "extended family." When I venture out of the garden and into the building, whether it's to visit Chuck's office or check in with Isaac at the gym, I walk down the hallway and look through the windows to the Miracle Center. What we call the Miracle Center is the last piece of territory inside Global Spheres that has yet to be reclaimed and restored. What I see when I look at the Oasis Wing expansion is the first foray into that territory: the first phase of complete restoration!  Like the children of Israel, we have been taking the land little by little, keeping an eye out for the giants.  For us, lately, the giants are permits, inspections, and provision!

At the center of Glory of Zion, the Israel Prayer Garden and the Tabernacle join hands to produce the heartbeat of our ministry. Growing from that heart, we reach outward to our local community and the world through pastoral care, abundant learning resources, a vibrant online presence, the Beulah Acres Center and Community Garden, and the Oasis Wing.  Global Spheres is a model of restoration and stewardship. Like the parable of the talents, we have chosen to invest for multiplication, not bury what we've been given out of fear. Yes, the future is uncertain, but we choose to be a light on a hill, to demonstrate the goodness of God to our community and the world.

The Oasis Wing is the watering hole for the Body and the unreached community to taste and see that the Lord is good.  Here people can meet and gather in a place that ministers to social and physical needs with the love of Jesus Christ. Many that enter the north-facing doors of Global Spheres might never walk through the Tabernacle entrance, but because the Oasis Wing offers so much, we can extend the hand of compassion while providing services to individuals and families. Yes, it is quite an enterprise, but it is an enterprise called evangelism. Only time and prayer will reveal the harvest potential in this oasis!

As I sit in my kitchen writing this letter to my family, I am enjoying a beautiful Shabbat morning surrounded by four dogs and a rather loud, though handicapped, macaw.  Chuck and the team just left for the airport, on their way to Hong Kong.  Whenever you happen to read this, I extend a Shabbat blessing from my house to yours.  Thank you for standing and praying with us for the advancement of the Kingdom!

Shabbat shalom,

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