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Shout, “Divine Breakthrough!”  Israel Visas Approved!
The Fish Was a Sign!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dear Overcomers: 

On Sunday morning during our services, I could sense that a shift had occurred.  In the midst of our 21 days of clearing a path to the door to the future, I knew we had broken through corporately in some way.  Early this morning we received the incredible news that Daniel and Amber’s visa has been APPROVED!  We are so grateful for all of you who have stood in the gap with your prayers and cried out for favor.  Breaking through in respect to God’s covenant land is so critical, and I believe this will open a door to many other “firsts” for us in the year ahead.  Stop now and give the Lord a praise offering for this DIVINE BREAKTHROUGH that will position Daniel and Amber (as well as all of us) in Israel in a new way! 

The visa approval will now be relayed to the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, so please continue to pray for the paperwork to be processed quickly so they can schedule an appointment to receive their visas and then fly home.  As you can read in their update below, Daniel and Amber are so excited to return to Israel and see things continue to advance at the Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Jerusalem. Thank you for helping make this “comeback” possible!  Also, don’t miss the amazing account of Daniel’s fishing expedition.  His big game fish catch was a sign of breakthrough! 

Chuck D. Pierce

Dear Friends:

We started to write this update yesterday with a request that you continue to pray for the approval of our visa, BUT GOD!  Early this morning we received the news from Israel that our visa had been approved!  This is so amazing!  We cannot thank you enough for standing with us throughout this process.  We had originally planned to be out of Israel for less than two weeks waiting of our final visa, but then found ourselves in a holding pattern. Now, it’s like we are a calf let out of a stall, and free to move forward into a whole new world.  All we can do is thank the Lord for this breakthrough, as we look forward to returning to Israel.  Not only will we be able to return to the Ministry Center, but also get Lily and Elijah established in school.  We couldn’t be moving forward without all of you! 

We are so excited that the visa has been approved, and will be working to secure an appointment at the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles to pick up our visas.  Only God could have completed this in His perfect time.  We feel so much more settled now in our future and call.  Please read the rest of our update below.  The fish that Daniel caught yesterday was an amazing sign from the Lord.  This is a season of breakthrough!

Amazing Sign of the Harvest to Come!
We have been so blessed to wait in Hawaii during this extended process.  We found a short term rental here in Kona, and it turned out that the owner of the home has a family member who is a faithful friend of Glory of Zion!  They made this place available to us at a small fraction of the normal cost!  God has blessed us all the way around, and although we would have much rather gotten back to Israel quickly, we recognize the Lord desired for us to have this experience in Hawaii. 

As it turned out, we are in Hawaii at the same time as Avi and Chaya Mizrachi and their family.  The Mizrachis are leaders in Tel Aviv, and first welcomed us to Israel in 2011. Yesterday, Daniel hosted a fishing trip for Avi's sons-in-law and our son, Elijah.  Daniel has been trying to catch a certain fish for over 12 years.  Yesterday, he finally caught his marlin!  These fish are the king of game fish, and some of the hardest to catch.  Reeling one in successfully is a sign of breakthrough.  An hour after Daniel’s 124-pound marlin entered the boat, Avi's son-in-law reeled in an even larger 225-pound marlin.  Altogether, the team brought in five fish … four big game (two tuna and two marlin), and one just small enough for Elijah to reel in.
Daniel and Elijah Catch of Three Fish! Catch of Two Game Fish
These photos provide a sign of the One New Man, the Spirit of Elijah and multiple generations bringing in the harvest!!  Know that the harvest is here!  Any harvest will require a team.  Whereas one man tried by himself for 12 years, God brought from Israel to the other side of the earth a boat of people to fulfill that heart’s desire.  Only God could have assembled a fishing boat full of Israelis in Hawaii, and orchestrated everyone catching a trophy fish --- that is absolutely unheard of. All the boat crew were also Christians, and one of the deck hand’s parents were also from Israel.  (His dad now pastors a church here in Hawaii.)   Many of you have been contending for something, and you have been living in the moment just before the 12th hour!  Your time of breakthrough is moments away!  We can't wait to hear of your testimony!

From the Team Presently in Jerusalem
We love and value each one of you, and are excited to share about our lives here in Israel, while Daniel and Amber have been out of the country.  As you read this update, we pray that God would pour out a spirit of wisdom and revelation. Thank you for journeying with us.  We hope that you feel just as much a part of what God is doing as we do here on the ground.  The fall feasts are quickly approaching. The sights are evident in the pomegranates, everything being designed in apples and honey, and yes, even slightly cooler weather.  If you have never experienced the High Holy Days in Jerusalem, we encourage you to come out and visit.  Rosh Hashanah starts on September 20th-22nd.  In the Hebrew calendar, we will be in the year 5778.  

We believe that God is always moving, even if we cannot see what it is that He is doing, He is a God of behind-the-scenes action.  At GZI Jerusalem, we have met consistently for over three months now, as well as hosted several nations. The presence of Jesus always shows up in BIG way! We've been blessed to hear from Tsachi Dahan as he spoke about the promises of God. Dave Sharrett brought a message and testimony of healing, and most recently, Stefan Michaescu spoke on mantles and legacy.  We have such a dynamic team that God has assembled to serve together in this season.  If you are ever in Jerusalem, we'd love for you to come visit us. You can contact us through [email protected]  Please continue to pray that all of God's plans and purposes would be established and that He would establish the team of people to serve who are called for such a time as this.

Encouraging Word from Kathy Sharrett:  "Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not become faint."  I believe that this verse goes hand in hand with our messages from Tsachi and Stefan.  We are always to be expectant of what God is doing in our midst.  Yet sometimes in the waiting, we feel like we are going to hit the point of exhaustion.  This is a promise that completely counteracts that mindset.  So today we declare that as you wait for the LORD, new strength would infuse your body, soul and spirit. We declare that you will soar to new heights and that you will see things from a Heavenly perspective.

Many Blessings,
Pierce Family
Daniel, Amber, Lily and Elijah Pierce

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