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Must See Services!  Power Outage Can’t Stop God’s Overcoming! The Divine Comeback!  Unlock Your Provision for the Season Ahead!


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dear Rallying Ones:

Two MUST SEE services from Sunday will help set your course for NOW and the WHOLE YEAR AHEAD!  No power outage could stop God’s demonstration of OVERCOMING!  The atmosphere has shifted and this is your time to jump into your DIVINE COMEBACK!!! Watch both replays and enter into the Spirit of Revival!  These services are so vital that everyone aligned with us through giving will receive both messages! 

Overcoming Principalities!
I do not know that I’ve heard any better presentation on Overcoming Principalities than what Robert shared during our Early Service.  This was not just a teaching, but a prophetic message for right now, as well as for the whole year ahead.  When Robert declared, “We are at war!” the enemy clamped down and the power went off.  We shouted, yelled and praised, and saw the Lord bring the power back online.  God demonstrated that the atmospheric pressure of demonic beings could not block us from gaining revelation and overcoming.  Never stop when the enemy tries to shut you down!  Watch this message and declare that God has fashioned you to be an overcomer!

The Divine Comeback!  Unlock Your Provision for the Season Ahead!
In our Celebration Service, the Spirit of God broke us out into a new dimension of overcoming!  Faith surged as we aligned with THE DIVINE COMEBACK!  The Lord is breaking us out of cycles of pain that have held us captive, and causing us to rally when our environment says there is no hope. God has already set up the play you need to make for your comeback!  Now is the time to make your move and watch a single step knock down the enemy’s dominoes and set you up to win!  Be sure to listen to the message I shared on “From Manna to Promised Resources!”  The key points I shared for entering into a new beginning will help you shift into the door of your future.  Do not fear the giants, because the war ahead will unlock your provision for the next season! 

Your Giving Keeps Us Advancing!
We so appreciate every one of you and what you do for this ministry.  We could not overcome and help establish an atmosphere of faith from region to region without your prayers and support.  If you would like to give at this time, you may do so by clicking below or calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231. 
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Key Resources to Help You Overcome!
A Time to Triumph  The Portal CD  Overcoming Faith!
Many structures are vying for control in today’s society.  As believers in Jesus Christ, we must stand strong and know the spiritual forces we are facing. Although the war will intensify, the best for God's children lies on the road ahead. Each of these resources will help you press beyond where you’ve been and enter a new dimension of faith and overcoming.  (Specials good through September 11, 2017)

A Time to Triumph! by Chuck D. Pierce
SPECIAL: $10 (reg. $15)

The Portal
(reg. $15)

Overcoming Faith: The Bride vs. the Dragon!  by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler
(reg. $99) for CD or DVD set

Chuck D. Pierce