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Must Watch Replays: Ending One Year and Prepared to Begin the Next!  “Ending to Begin” Prayer Watch this Wednesday at Noon!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Dear Transitioning Ones:

What a powerful way to end one year and prepare for the next!  If you were not able to join us yesterday for our services, you will want to watch the replays!  During our Early Service, James Vincent and our Judah Team helped lead us in amazing worship to shift our focus from the troubles that surround us to the One who reigns above all.  Then his message on “The Real War for the Promise … Don’t Let Go!” was so timely to hear for going out of one year and into the next.  As you watch, ask if you are willing to hold on until you have entered God’s best for your life.  If you will trust the LORD throughout your trials, then you will gain access to the place He has for you.

During our Celebration Service at 9:30, we continued with incredible worship that filled our atmosphere with the faith of Heaven.  Barbara Wentroble then ministered on “Keys that Unlock the Doors to Your Destiny!”  Never forget that your destiny lies on the other side of the door!  This explosive time of revelation and ministry will you move forward and help set the course for your ending and beginning! 

“Ending to Begin” Wednesday Watch!
Our final corporate intercessory watch of 5777 will be this Wednesday at noon.  This is a week to fully cross from one season to the next.  Prepare to be mantled for a new year.  All of you are welcome to join in this “Ending to Begin” watch in the Tabernacle.  Let’s advance into the new!

Chuck D. Pierce

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