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An Amazing Word for Houston Given at Rice University!
The Divine Reset!  Israel Update! 


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dear Contending Ones:

There is much happening here at the Global Spheres Center.  We are gaining momentum in our 21 Days of Clearing a Path to the Door to the Future.  Today’s prayer watch will be at 6 PM in the Prayer Tower.  We are also pressing towards completion of a database redesign, seeing walls go up with the expansion of the Oasis Wing, hosting groups from the community in Solomon’s Porch, preparing to host many of you for Head of the Year 5778, and much more.  Of course, we are also praying and working with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  Don’t miss the amazing word below given at Rice University in Houston in 2013!  You can also read how the Body of Christ in southeast Texas is serving those in need.  This is a time the Lord is resetting our vision!

Israel Visa Update!
Thank you for continuing to pray for the approval and release of Daniel and Amber’s visa.  The report from Israel this morning was that a decision will be made soon (probably the beginning of next week). Let’s continue to pray for favor with the Ministry of Interior.  Declare an end to delay, and an opening for Daniel and Amber, as well as this ministry, to the door of the future. 

An Amazing Word for Houston Given at Rice University! 
On August 16, 2013, we hosted a meeting on the campus of Rice University in Houston.  This key prophecy came forth during that night of worship and revelation.  When you watch the news or hear testimonies, you see this happening. Let’s decree that God works the catastrophe in Houston to His good!

“There is a racial shift taking place over this city. It will become a model city for racial relations.  God says: ‘I will use this city to reveal to a nation My glory that will reveal the end of racial conflict! I will refresh the land. I will cause the land that has gone through desolation to be refreshed. I will change brothels into healing houses. People from all over this nation will come and say, ‘Houston has racial harmony!’

“I saw under the ground, and Houston sitting on top of it.  Then I saw like a 3-D map go up to Humble (on the north/northeast side of Houston). Then I saw the map move on up to Corsicana (almost 200 miles north/northwest of Houston). I see pillars under the earth and dams that have been built being held closed by these black beings. They are pushing with all their might to keep them closed. Around them are pillars like you would see in a cathedral or palace. There is light, but not light as we know it. They are shaking because of the force of the water behind these damns that were built. I see the water burst forth and the beasts washed away but they are chained to pillars and can only be washed in the glory of the Lord’s blessing. For the beasts, the water is like acid. I see it wash down through the water ways and return what was stolen and held back for a hundred and thirty years. I see a sparkle and a bubbling up. I see it hit Humble with such force that the hardwoods spring forth and all the evil beasts run! I see a washing of the Word, a bursting forth from the ground like an oil geyser. I see mighty men and women of God swimming in it and laughing and bathing and dancing and worshipping! I see the lakes become fresh water and the land cleansed; even the dirt sighs with relief. I see it split into four streams, east, south, west and north, surging into underground domes that look like cathedrals or castles and then I see pillars crash. I see thrones exposed and destroyed until it rushes into Galveston and over Galveston (southeast of Houston) and into the Gulf, until it reaches that ancient throne of old and encircles and captures and exposes it! And the force of the water crushes principalities to rubble and all the gates and the walls that have been there are crushed and there is nowhere for the ruling spirit, that has run ahead of this water, to hide. I see a funnel open on the Gulf floor and swallow that thing down, and as it does, it is chained by giant angels to the place where it was set free, no more to threaten our coast, our state, our nation and the people."

Opening Doors to Serve the Community in Need!
We continue to receive updates from so many impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  An example of the level of need confronting those in southeast Texas was shared by Pastor Randy Feldschau of Cathedral Church in Beaumont.

Pray for Beaumont.  Due to rising water from rivers we lost all City water last night. Also, last night the City called me, and with a one-hour notice, dropped off 100 evacuees at our church. The evacuees I took in were in a parking lot with no place to go. 100’s more would come if I would allow it. We are trying to assess how many evacuees we can take and for how long. We can take up to 150 now, but how do we say no to people that have lost everything and with no place to go?  Some churches’ refusal to take evacuees is placing a strain on others. Some evacuees have medical needs that we aren’t equipped to address. The rivers have not crested yet – we are expecting four more feet. Roads in and out of southeast Texas are closed, limiting how we can get out of Beaumont.  While evacuating people by boat yesterday my phone got wet and is not working, so will try and get a new one today.   

Please join us in praying for the grace, wisdom and resources required to minister to those in need.  We are sending a donation to Cathedral Church to assist them in serving those in their community. 

The Divine Reset!
The situation in Houston is changing the whole city and all the surroundings. Penny Jackson sent this early this morning. As you read, you will see this is "The Divine Reset" we prophesied weeks ago. This is not the time to go back to old cycles. LET THE LORD RESET YOUR VISION!

During our recent flooding, I lost my cable fairly early in the deluge. When I looked at the cable box, I saw that two of the lights were red instead of green. I waited a day to call since there were more important needs in the city but finally called after two days. The woman explained that they were aware and were working on it. She said, "You will know that it is fixed when all of the lights are green. Then you need to unplug it, wait for ten seconds, and plug it in again."  For some reason I had the hardest time with this. I asked her three times, "You mean you unplug it AFTER the lights are all green?"  (By the third time I could almost see her rolling her eyes through my cell phone.) It just seemed to me that if the lights were green, it was fixed. But it wasn't. When the green lights came on the next day, I turned on the TV immediately, but it didn't work.  So I unplugged it for ten seconds, and sure enough, everything worked. 

I have thought about that off and on since then and realized that the Lord was keeping that on my mind. I think it's where we are right now. The rain has stopped, the bayous are receding, and stores and restaurants are beginning to reopen. Yes, many are in shelters still, but the metaphoric lights are beginning to look green again. Yet something has shifted. Things aren't the same.  Life here isn't going to work like it did any more, and we shouldn’t want it to.  There is an unplugging, a reset button we must push spiritually right now for us to operate correctly in the future.  

I don't know that I have the full understanding yet of what all of this means, but I know we must reset to go forward in a way that will work. I know the Lord is speaking this now. Thank you for praying for Houston. We have felt your prayers. 

Don’t Miss this Sunday at the Global Spheres Center!
I am looking forward to this Sunday as we continue to focus on overcoming.  During the Early Service at 8 AM, Robert Heidler will once again be teaching on Daniel.  You will want to hear his message from Daniel Chapter 10 on “Overcoming Principalities!”  During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, I will be ministering on “From Manna to Promised Resources!”  Let’s allow the Lord to adjust our expectations and vision, so we receive His portion for the season ahead.

Chuck D. Pierce

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