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A Day of Overcoming!  Lindy and Robert Heidler Teaching this Sunday!


Friday, August 25, 2017

Dear Overcomers:

I am looking forward to another overcoming Sunday!  Faith produces overcoming, and overcoming leads to a demonstration of God’s power.  I hope you can join us for our services when Lindy Heidler and Robert Heidler cause our faith to stir for new manifestations of God’s promises.   During our early service at 8 AM, Lindy Heidler will be ministering on “Overcoming Through His Presence!”  During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, Robert Heidler will help us unlock revelation from Daniel 7.  He will be teaching on “Satan’s Strategy to Wear Down the Saints: Overcoming the Anti-Christ Spirit!”  This is not a time to grow weary.  Join us as we rise up and advance into the fullness of our God-given destiny.

A Garden Oasis! 
The Israel Prayer Garden is just flourishing with the recent rains we’ve received.  Below are just a few pictures of how lush and vibrant things are in the midst of a hot summer.  You can also click HERE with a video from earlier this week. 
Israel Prayer Garden Israel Prayer Garden

Israel Prayer Garden Israel Prayer Garden

Going Beyond!

Earlier this afternoon, Brian had the opportunity to give a special tour of the Global Spheres Center to Ron and Ann Riedasch.  They had flown in from out of town, and chose to stop by on the way to a birthday party.  Ron was the President of Boeing Defense Electronics when this facility was built in 1986, and he spent two years developing operations of this model manufacturing center.  Although he went on to other projects, he never felt this Boeing Plant reached its full potential.  Coming by today, he was just amazed at how this campus has been transformed.  He was impacted not only by what we have done with the Center, but how we have reached out to the community in so many diverse ways.  He left with a gratitude of knowing God’s plans were far bigger than he could have imagined when this building was first erected.  I want to thank each of you for helping make this journey possible! 

Shabbat shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce

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