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Establishing His Presence to Clear a Path to the Door to the Future! 13 Colony Tour Update!


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dear Establishing Ones:

We continue to advance in our “21 Days of Clearing the Path to the Door to the Future!”  This time frame is about establishing His presence from the weapon the Lord has made us into over this past year.  Do not stop advancing!  Our first two watches can be seen as webcast replays, and our next watches will be tomorrow (Friday) at 6 PM, Saturday at 6 AM, Sunday at noon, etc.  Find your times to enter in and help prepare the way for breakthrough.

13 Colony Tour Update!
I love to hear how the Triumphant Reserve is mobilizing from region to region.  Last September, I released a prophetic word in New Jersey.  Below is the report from John and Sheryl Price on how they are advancing in the original 13 Colonies of this nation, based upon that word.  Let’s join in declaring that the covenant roots of this nation are being restored.

We are so excited about what is beginning to happen here on the east coast of the USA! God is moving in tremendous ways mobilizing His army of Tribes. He is positioning His Body as an Awakening Movement breaking forth in each territory!   Last September, during a series of gatherings beginning at Liberty State Park, Chuck Pierce prophesied this to the New Jersey Team:

“I say to you I am re-arranging your boundaries. I am re- arranging the boundaries. Don’t watch out of the knowledge you have watched out of in the past, but watch the way I start showing you. The path to watch on will start sending road signs now, and you will accelerate past the legal speed that you have been going, and you will end up where you need to be.  

“You are being held in a captivity you aren’t aware of, and I am coming to break you out of that captivity! Let go of what you need to, and come into what I have for you. Don’t look at where you are or what you have been. Come out of the captivity! Behold! I am doing a new thing!

“I am putting a new team in this area to move… I long to use you to move and create a move of God throughout the region. Don’t resist the positions I’m putting you in. Submit to the anointings I’m giving you and you will see a new breakthrough that you have never seen before!”

Gates are being opened in the Northeast and original 13 Colonies. We all need to get together and form that council for the original 13 Colonies and say we’re taking back what’s been taken from us. Everything God is doing here, it is for the original 13 Colonies, and it so key for this nation. You don’t want to repeat the same old things.”
13 Colony Tour 13 Colony Tour
Since receiving the prophetic word, we pressed in, crying out to the Lord for His steps to unfold before us. SUDDENLY GOD MOVED! An Apostolic Awakening Team, made up of many people aligned from throughout the 13 original Colonies, has come into being! Meetings hosted for this team are opening up from Georgia through New England. This unique, multicultural team, made up of men, women, old, young, business people, ministers and whoever God chooses to insert, is moving in and out of territorial meetings receiving and releasing a new level of revelation and fire for awakening! Some members of the team change from meeting to meeting! They participate for a few gatherings, then new members join for the next one. The Mobile Team is like a living organism. When joined by those hosting, it changes shape! It is so exciting to see each member of the Mobile Team move in their gift along with those gathered with us. Everyone is learning to release the portion God gives and flow as one!

Just this past Sunday evening, during our weekly gathering here in New Jersey, the presence of the Lord came in so powerfully. I was instantly touched by Holy Spirit and found myself in the fishing boat with Jesus, Peter, James and John! Fish were jumping into the boat! The net was so full of fish that Peter was hollering to the others for help! James and John were rushing almost clumsily to help and Jesus was sitting there laughing his head off! There was such JOY at the sight of His children experiencing the overflow of His Kingdom in their sphere of life! It’s how He feels about this moment of time we are now experiencing! Lightning strikes, flooding and unusual holy manifestations are accompanying this team.  Power filled prayer and atmospheric changes are evident. People are coming up to us on the streets asking for prayer! Demons are being cast out everywhere! Souls are being saved and rededicated to the Lord. People are being ushered into local ministries for needed follow up. Spontaneous baptism services are forming. A great hunger for God is being experienced by all of us!  We are giving Him all we know to give! Our love for Christ and His Body is multiplying.  Join the movement!

John & Sheryl Price and the 13 Colony Council    

Upcoming Travel Schedule and Key Events at GSC!
Everywhere I go, I love meeting those of you who are aligned with ministry.  Below is a portion of my schedule along with key gathering dates at the Global Spheres Center. I so appreciate your prayers and support as I represent you in mobilizing the Triumphant Reserve.

Aug 31 – Sept 1  Arise and Advance Alaska!  Anchorage AL  (907) 360-9770
Sept 5 (PM)       Unlocking the Winds of Glory in the Carolinas!  Charlotte NC
Sept 6 (8 AM)    Billy Graham Evangelistic Society Morning Chapel, Charlotte NC
Sept 6 - 7           2017 Annual Prophets & Apostles Conference, Dunwoody GA  (770) 399-0660
Sept 7 – 8          Firestorm Houston, Houston TX
Sept 11 (7:30 PM) Watchmen Meeting!  HONG KONG
Sept 12 – 13       Apostolic Church Arising!  HONG KONG
Sept 19 - 20       International Society of Deliverance Ministers, Corinth TX
Sept 21(PM) – 24 (AM)   Head of the Year 5778! Corinth TX (940) 382-7231
Sept 27 (PM)      Glory Explosion!  22 City Gathering with Dutch Sheets, Houston TX
Sept 29–30(AM) Aglow 2017 Global Conference: Boundless!  Richmond VA  (425) 775-7282
Oct 1 (PM)         Restore and Revive!  Northfield MA
Oct 4 (7 PM)      One Night – One Voice!  Wichita KS   (620) 442-5339
Oct 6 (PM)         First Friday with Dutch Sheets, Colorado Springs CO
Oct 12 (PM)       New Breed Arising!  Ann Arbor MI
Oct 17 – 19        International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets, Santa Rosa Beach FL
Oct 22 (AM)       Firstfruits Celebration for the Hebraic Month of Cheshvan, Corinth TX
Oct 24 – 25        Faith that Changes Nations, Oklahoma City OK  (405) 463-4900
Oct 26               Northwest Prayer Summit, Portland OR
Oct 27 (PM)       Fall Men’s Advance, Columbus TX  (888) 344-2962
Nov 1 (PM)        Glory of Zion Ministry Center, Jerusalem ISRAEL
Nov 2 (PM)        Gathering of the Clans! Jerusalem ISRAEL
Nov 14              Global Prophetic Consultation, Red Oak TX
Nov 19 (AM)      Firstfruits Celebration for the Hebraic Month of Kislev, Corinth TX
Dec 7 – 10         Beulah Acres Farmers Market and Holiday Craft Show, Corinth TX
Dec 15 - 16        22 City Gathering with Dutch Sheets, Boston MA
Dec 17 (AM)      Firstfruits Celebration for the Hebraic Month of Tevet, Corinth TX
Dec 29(AM)– 31 Starting the Year Off Right! Corinth TX

Chuck D. Pierce

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