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Don’t Miss Firstfruits: The King is in the Field!
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Dear Seeking Ones:

Two weeks ago was a tremendous time of warfare and pressing through.  We are still in the warfare, but I believe we have come above the warfare.  We must remember that we are a nation above all nations, and we are a people who abound.  This morning, Brian Kooiman sent me this scripture from The Passion Translation that summarizes life as I know it: “I know what it means to lack, and know what it means to experience overwhelming abundance.  For I’m trained in the secret of overcoming all things, whether in fullness or in hunger. And I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty.” (Philippians 4:12-13)   

This past week two things happened in my life.  After having a severe migraine, the Lord said, “Shabbat is good.” So I realized that I had violated several Shabbat windows this year.  Because of this, I had to find a new rhythm in the Spirit. I want to thank each of you for giving me liberty this week to come and go. I have enjoyed spending time with family, and especially my wife. We drove around the lakes in the area.  We watched 20 episodes of Jeopardy. The score is 18-2 in favor of Pam. We also watched a couple of old movies. One that spoke to me was Remember the Titans. After Gary was hospitalized and Julius entered his room, he asked forgiveness when they first met by saying, "I feared you and you were my brother."  I pray that we never fear who the Lord brings in our path and miss our future. 

Pam and I also caught up on doctor appointments. While Pam got a less than good report at the dermatologist, he praised me for taking such good care of my skin and protecting it from sun exposure. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I only get in the sun when walking from the car to the building.  Most importantly, on Tuesday afternoon, the Lord visited me. He showed me a glory realm that we have not yet entered.  As I approach this Shabbat, I sense I have redeemed time and am in a new order. I believe this will be a great benefit as we finish and begin.  

Thank you for giving this summer. We made great advancements and were sustained. This wasn’t an easy three months, but God is so faithful and so are you!  Also, thank you for responding to the call to prayer for Daniel and Amber’s visas.  We are believing for favor to be granted in the week ahead. 

America is at a Precarious Place in History!  New 21 Day Prayer Thrust!
Next week we will begin a new prayer focus to prepare us for crossing over at Head of the Year.  All of you are invited to join us in the Tabernacle for “21 Days of Clearing a Path to the Door to the Future!”  I look forward to leading our first watch on Wednesday at 6 AM.  Then we will rotate through the various watches, meeting at Noon on Thursday, 6 PM on Friday, 6 AM on Saturday, etc.  Find your times to enter in and help prepare the way for breakthrough in 5778!

The King is in the Field!  Don’t Miss Sunday’s Elul Firstfruits Celebration!
Israel Prayer Garden Israel Prayer Garden
We are preparing to enter the Hebraic month of Elul … a month that people had access to the King in a special way.  Historically, the King would come out in the field, and you were able to present your cause to Him.  You could petition Him for your needs, and get direction for your future.  After a month of pressing through the narrow places, this is now our time to seek the King in the field! 

On our special Firstfruits Sunday, I look forward to ministering during the early service at 8 AM on “Abound Past Your Fears!”  So many times we run away from confrontation or even from the voice of the One who made us.  But this is a key time to move beyond our past limitations and abound in new ways. During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, Robert Heidler will be teaching on “The Hebrew Month of Elul: Bringing the King into YOUR Field!”  Don’t miss this opportunity to press past your fears and insecurities to welcome the One who longs to visit us in our sphere of influence!

Key Resources to Help You Meet the King in the Field!
King is in the Field!  King in the Field Anointing Oil  Leaving the Narrow Place!
The month of Elul is a unique time when the King calls us to enter into a new relationship with Him.  How your approach the King and receive revelation will determine how you overthrow your enemies and be victorious in the season ahead.  Each of these resources will help you approach Him and allow His countenance to shine upon you! (Specials good through August 25, 2017.)

The King is in the Field!
SPECIAL: $20 (regularly $50) for CD or DVD set

The King is in the Field Anointing Oil and Atomizer 
Roll-On: $10
2 oz. Bottle: $14
4 oz. Atomizer: $10

Leaving the Narrow Place!
SPECIAL: $15 (regularly $30) for CD or DVD set

Cuba Update!
Team in Cuba Loosing a New Song!
What a privilege to send a team to Cuba this week.  Gerardo & Viviane Ortega and James & Robyn Vincent are joining Apostle Raymond Moro for key gatherings in several cities.  (The first picture above was taken by Gerardo, and pictures Robyn, James, Raymond and Viviane.)  A new sound was released in Bauta.  Then the team traveled to Varadero where a sound from Heaven confronted the structures in the land.  Join us in declaring a holy array is breaking forth in Cuba!

Shabbat shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce

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