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Join us to Understand the Blood War!
A Time for Freedom on July 21-23!

The Kingdom of God Advancing! June 15-18, 2017
To help us advance in this new season, join us for A Time for Freedom: The Blood War! on July  21-23.  I have invited a powerful team of ministers to break us into a dimension of wholeness and victory: Chris Hayward, Deborah DeGar, Doris Wagner, Linda Heidler, Janice Swinney and Marty Cassady.  With the release of his new book, Chris Hayward will teach on hope beyond pain for those who are wounded in the church.  This is a time for freedom from regret, anger and unforgiveness, and finding our new identity in the Redeemer.  I hope many of you can join us here at the Global Spheres Center in Corinth when we begin on FRIDAY MORNING, through our conclusion on Sunday morning.

Understanding the power of the blood is necessary to overcome the enemy and walk in freedom.  Revival and awakening occur when the Spirit of God comes alive in our blood system, producing a cleansed conscience. The enemy wars with all of his might to keep the consciences of God’s people blinded. If he can do this, he can block the anointing that will break his yoke in the earth realm. Because of the world’s influences, our conscience struggles to stay pure so we can see God. That means that in the midst of the war, we must be fervent and disciplined in the battle over our conscience.  I see a new breakthrough coming in the spirit realm that will cause the consciences of God’s people to be cleansed, through the power of the cross and the overcoming dynamic of Jesus’ blood.

There is no charge to attend A Time for Freedom, but registration is required. Register at or by calling 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231.  If you cannot join us onsite, please try to connect by webcast.  There is no charge to webcast, and you will register when you sign-on to the live webcast.  Don’t miss your opportunity to break free into a new dimension of overcoming!

Chuck D. Pierce

Key Resources to Help You Understand the Blood War!

God's Unfolding Battle Plan by Chuck D. Pierce -- includes an entire chapter on the BLOOD WAR! 
Battle Plan

A people without knowledge perish. God's Unfolding Battle Plan will help you understand how to stand in victory in the times we are living in.  This book will point you into an understanding of the warfare we are presently fighting and what is ahead for us in the future.  God's Unfolding Battle Plan will also give you great insight through 2026, and beyond!
SPECIAL: $9 (Regularly $13)

The Energized Power of the Blood by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler
Energized Power
This is a season that we must understand the power of the blood.  This Issachar School course focuses on understanding how the Lord formed us and the divine exchange that took place on the cross through Christ’s atoning blood. Some of the topics covered are:

  • The Lord God Made Heaven and Earth
  • Life with God
  • Abraham, the Hebrew
  • The Blood of the Covenant
  • The Blood of the Passover Lamb
  • The Blood of the Tabernacle
  • Bought with His Blood

SPECIAL: $35 (regularly $99) for CD or DVD set

The Battle for the Blood by Robert Heidler
Battle for the Blood
We must develop a deeper understanding of the POWER of the blood of Jesus as we move forward in the new season and take dominion of the land.  This class provides an eye-opening, revelatory, and foundational teaching on the Blood and the battle over it.  You will discover new truths about the battle of the blood through the centuries as you gain a new understanding of why there has been such a battle over Passover, the Cross, His blood, and the Power.  You will also learn why the Feasts are important in your understanding of the timing of the Lord in your life.  Sessions in this Issachar School course include:
• Restoring Power to the Church
• How the Battle was Lost
• The "Jesus” Celebration

Also included are three additional messages: "Coming out of Idolatry” by Chuck Pierce, "Pesach” by Robert Heidler, and "An Unusual Redemption” by Chuck Pierce and Linda Heidler.
SPECIAL: $20 (regularly $50) for CD or DVD set

These resources and many others are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials valid through July 14, 2017.