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Key Prophecies and Encouragement for 2017 4th of July!

July 4, 2017

Dear Encouraged Ones:

May the Lord bless you with the joy of knowing Him. May you celebrate the freedom you have been given.  
Happy 4th of July from GZI at GSC!
I hear the Spirit of God saying, “I chose this place, from sea to shining sea.  In the midst of the seas that are shining, darkness has begun to reign.  But now there will be a shining liberty that begins to invade between the sea to shining sea, and in the midst of that liberty, there will be a glory that you haven’t seen.  Watch, for I will surprise you with My glory, and from sea to shining sea, this land will once again radiate.”

We say that across this nation decrease must let go!  We speak from this nation to other nations: decrease must let go!  Over this past week, I saw that there have been demonic legions released to produce decrease, to stop movement, to stop advancement, and to stop breath from coming. The LORD says: “Break ties with decrease!”  This week, there will be a supernatural breakthrough of grace. I speak to that three-fold cord of insecurity, poverty and condemnation, and say, “You are untying, in Jesus’ name!”  A new song is breaking an old cycle. Decrease, although you are trying to come, new songs are now going to break your cycle this week.  We shout grace, grace, grace! We say that this will be a week that the nation celebrates who we are; we celebrate who You have called us to be.  LORD, we release a new anointing and a whistle from Heaven, to gather and enter into a greater increase than we have ever known (Zechariah 10:8). 

Penny Jackson, a great friend and watchman from Houston, sent the following. On this July 4th, don't forget that true freedom comes through our relationship with a Holy God who loves us.

“A friend of mine just called this morning, and as we spoke, she admitted that she had read something about the love of the Lord and saw how short she felt in receiving the Lord's love.  She felt down on herself, feeling that she was a failure. I could relate, having dealt with the same feelings a day or two ago. We talked for a while, reminding ourselves that God doesn't send condemnation---the goodness of God brings us to repentance. But I believe the Lord began showing me something as we talked.  God is showing us there is a greater level of Him. The Lord is allowing us to see that greater love because He is bringing such a movement of love down on His people, His Body. We will experience a love beyond anything we have ever known ... finally, after crying out for a deeper understanding of who He is for all these years. From this love, from this outpouring of this unconditional love, we will go out and transform the world around us, drawing in the great harvest.

Don't let the enemy waste your time thinking that you've missed it, or that you aren't doing it right, or any of those lies he is working so hard on. God is preparing us by letting us see that there is more, and very soon He will pour that amazing love into us. And the world will never be the same. The Lord says: 

'The times are hard. The enemy would love to keep you in despair but you have known who I am. Now is not a time to lose sight of that.  I have shown you My nature, and I do not change. My heart is toward you and will continue to be. Despite what would seem to be the case to your natural eyes, all is well for I am still in charge. 

'To the best of your ability, rest in Me.  Ride this out with an attitude of trust, with an attitude of faith. Reach deep within yourself and let the words ‘I trust you’ come out of your mouth. Declare that I am good because I am.  I know exactly what I am doing in your life, and it is to bring you good and not harm ... ultimately. We will get to that place of good, but there are things that must be walked through first. 

'Don't let despair have a victory; don't let hopelessness win.  The victory is still Mine despite what you can see with your  natural eyes, despite what you feel.  Stand firm, stand firm, stand firm.'”

A Cry for Freedom!
I hope many of you have taken time to watch our special Freedom Service on Sunday, and hear Robert Heidler’s message on “America: A Nation Blessed with Revival!”  Below is another portion of the prophetic revelation released that day to encourage us in celebrating freedom – both in this nation and in the Spirit of God. 

“The purpose and destiny of America is coming alive again, and that purpose was to be a place for the nations to come together, and worship. Father, we hear the call and will come to worship. We will gather the nations to worship You, Father.  And we will have a land that is Yours.  We will have a land from sea to shining sea that is Yours, that is called by Your name.”  (Maggie Wallace)

Yes, this is a nation to gather other nations, but we won’t be able to gather until we sing a new anthem unto the Lord. God will bless America, once America starts blessing the Lord.  As a demonstration, I want Judah to start singing a new anthem that will begin to gather the nations in.  America will then, as one nation, be really be under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  (Keevy Phillips)

“Father, my prayer is for You to break off the spirit of familiarity off of the United States of America and off the Body of Christ. Once the spirit of familiarity is broken, it will be a whole different face.  People will no longer say, ‘Is this not just Jesus, the carpenter’s Son?’ But I deem it a place where the miraculous will move, unhindered, where all tribes, nations and people who have come in to seek that greater way, who have come to seek that place of true freedom, not limited by what people think they should look like, or what they should do. But they will be liberated to move in a place of freedom.  Father, my cry is that the spirit of familiarity over all the nations of the earth will be broken, so we are all free to express You in the way You desire to be expressed in the world, in the earth, and across all seven continents, across the waters and the seas. We declare and decree that the unity of faith will now be established on the earth, that which we can see, Your miraculous hand, whether it be by people, or by animals, everything that You created will be able to honor freedom and liberty.”  (Melinda Richardson)

"I am untying the knot, a grace that has been bound up.  There is grace on the voice of those who walk in freedom. This season is a season of freedom. The grace that glistens on the freedom is knotted up; it’s been like a noose. The release of what has been in your voice will glisten and act as freedom, and act as revelation into that which has been bound and knotted up. Know in this season that there is a flow of grace coming from a voice of a body of people. The grace is going to be filled with glory, and the glory is going to be filled with freedom. Then you will begin to see people gather, and then you will be able to see the glistening of a body of people.  Look intently at the string that is wrapped around the neck of a body of people and declare freedom! Declare a glistening grace, so that the voice of a body of people can begin to be released.”  (Tobias Lyons)

“This is a season when I am gathering by grace. I am whistling in exactly the way I whistled for the hornets, when the hornets gathered to drive out the Gibeonites and the ‘Ites’ for the people of God. This is a season when I am releasing My whistle, and I’m whistling for those that are grace-filled. I’m working with those who are grace-filled, that will move in the fullness of the river of My grace, that hear the Word, the creative Word, the life-transforming Word of grace, and will release it. Those ones I’m going to fill, by the breath of My Spirit. I’m going to breathe into them over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.” (Anne Tate)

Chuck D. Pierce

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