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Arming the Bride for Battle!  The LION Roars!
7 Wednesday Watches to Build Your Shield of Faith!


Monday, July 31, 2017

Dear Faith Builders:

A new sound and identity is emerging in God’s people, as we press our way through the Dire Straits.  Be sure to watch yesterday’s teaching on the Armor of God, and hear the Roar of the LION of Judah!  Make plans to join our 7 Wednesday Watches to Build Your Shield of Faith!  And look for tomorrow’s flyer of half priced resources that will equip you to overcome!     

Equipped to Overcome!  The Spirit of God met us so powerfully as we began to wade in the water during our Early Service.  A cry for His Glory began to rise up so we could see in a new way. Robert Heidler then continued our series on Overcoming by teaching on the Armor of God.  You don’t want to miss his foundational teaching on “Equipped to Overcome: Arming the Bride for Battle!” 

The Lion Roars!  Our Celebration Service at 9:30 was an amazing time, as worship met ministry and lifted us up into new realms of grace. Many were set free and touched by the Spirit of God!  Apostle Steven Springer exhorted us to lay hold of the sickle and personally own our portion of the harvest. There is a new roar to be released from God’s people that will answer the cry of the fields!  Listen to the replay of “The Lion Roars!” and determine to release God’s heart into the world around you. 

7 Wednesday Watches to Build Your Shield of Faith!
During Robert’s teaching on the Shield of God, I heard the Spirit of God say that we needed to establish our faith in a new way.  As we shared in our book, Restoring Your Shield of Faith, the Roman shield was built up with seven layers of bull or calf skin.  In this Zayin (7) year, it’s important that our faith is built up to withstand the attacks of the enemy.  So this year is not only about the sword, but also the shield.  Therefore, this Wednesday will have 7 Watches to Build Your Shield of Faith!  Our watch schedule will be:
6 AM
9 AM
3 PM
6 PM
9 PM

I encourage you to find your times to build up your faith!  If you cannot join us in the Prayer Tower, you can also watch online (live or via replay). 

Chuck D. Pierce

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