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“Breaking Out of the Curse!” at Tomorrow’s Firstfruits Celebration for Av at 9:30 AM!  Plus, Embrace the Delivering Power in the Blood!


 Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dear Delivered Ones:

What an amazing two days!  The presence of Holy Spirit has been so tangible during our times of worship, revelation and ministry!  The pictures below show an overview of what was released.  Plus, we still have one more session tomorrow morning at 8 AM when Marty Cassady shares her testimony on “The Delivering Power in the Blood!”  Additionally, we will celebrate Firstfruits for Av at 9:30 AM.  Don’t miss this opportunity to bring our first and best to the LORD at the “head” of a new month.  Robert Heidler’s message will fit right into our Time for Freedom weekend when he teaches on “Breaking Out of the Curse: Entering God’s Blessing in the Month of Av!”  I hope many of you can enter into the activation and liberating power of these services.    

Doris Imparting a New Deliverance Mantle  Linda Heidler: Freedom from Freemasonry!

Janice Swinney: Bloodline Freedom!  Deborah DeGar: Free to Fly!

Entering into Freedom!  Chris Hayward: Freedom from Performance!

Chuck D. Pierce

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