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A Call to Overcome! Don’t Miss This Amazing Testimony of Overcoming: Walking in Financial Freedom!


 Monday, July 17, 2017

Dear Overcomers:

What an incredible day of overcoming!  If you were not able join us yesterday, be sure to watch both replays on “Called to Overcome!” and “A Testimony of Overcoming: Walking into Financial Freedom!”  This is your turn around week!  Receive “escaping grace” and break through into freedom!

Yesterday’s services were an invitation to OVERCOME.  During our Early Service, Robert Heidler kicked off a new series on overcoming, and taught on “Called to Overcome: Learning to TRIUMPH Over the Enemy!”  During our Celebration Service, we pressed further into this understanding when Apostle John Abercrombie shared his amazing testimony of “Walking into Financial Freedom!”  There was such an anointing activated during this time, and as you watch it you will want to stand up and shout, “The end of a thing is far better than the beginning!”  Remember, nothing is too hard for God. Take time now to watch these replays by clicking HERE.  Let this be your “turn around” week, receive a new mantle, and prepare to celebrate your breakthrough! 

A Call to SEE!
In this month of freedom, I can see how the LORD is sovereignly adjusting our vision. The Spirit of God is opening our eyes so we see what is opposing us, and is saying, “Let me put a guard over your mouth so your heart doesn’t speak before you see.  When you speak before you see correctly, you are creating a distorted atmosphere that is re-enforced by the enemy.  Allow Me to open your eyes into a new dimension so you accurately perceive what lies before you.  There are things moving around you that you’re seeing as stable.  In fact, you’re trying to stop things before I settle what is in motion around you.  First, see the movement going on, and then watch Me start settling issues around you so you see the new form, the new door, the new opportunities, and the new vision I have for you!”

A Call to Awaken to Signs and Wonders!
Over the weekend, I received a wonderful update from John and Sheryl Price.  Along with other leaders, they are acting on a prophetic word the LORD led me to release last year for a 13 Colony Tour.  Below is a short update that will greatly encourage you in praying for the roots of this nation to awaken to revival!  May signs and wonders break forth in your region as well!

On July 11, a team from New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina began a historic journey throughout the four southern states of the original 13 colonies. This was done in obedience to a prophetic word given by Chuck Pierce in September 2016. The initial grassroots gatherings in Thomasville and Rome, Georgia were amazing. Saints from various spheres of influence joined in worship and prayer. Heaven was opened and we corporately ascended into God's presence. The Lord released a vision of the new covenant root system that He desires to build throughout the eastern seaboard. It is deep, interwoven and strong. It will change a nation!   

We moved on to the Carolinas where a new prophetic mantle was released into the atmosphere, and strategic intercession moved with a fresh, powerful anointing. In Charlotte, NC, street ministry sovereignly broke out when the lost approached us for prayer. Demons were cast out and people were delivered from bondages right in the public park. Souls were rededicated to the Lord. Local ministries joined in and the newly saved were directed to them for further discipleship. 

In Manteo, NC, the local Saints cried out for an outpouring from Heaven! It came!!!! Within hours the area flooded as a sign of the spiritual outpouring to come! God is amazing!  21 were baptized into the new outpouring!
Overflowing Banks!  Water Baptisms

Chuck D. Pierce

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Key Resources to Help You Overcome!

Empowered to Overcome: A Weekend of Revival Gatherings
 Empowered to Overcome!
When we focus our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith, there comes a time when walls of opposition fall and our hope is made complete. Empowered to Overcome was an incredible weekend of "granted access” to press through blockades and break into a place of great joy. Revival is the restoring to life of your spirit man. This Holy Spirit action releases power to grasp the destined will of God for your life! The ministry of each of our speakers was very powerful and served to jump start expectation, fervency and faith: 

Paul Wilbur: A Worship Celebration to Release the Sounds of Glory to Reconcile Nations!
Judy Jacobs: Due Time... The Fifth Season in God’s Cycle of Seasons!
Chuck Pierce: How Fervent Are You? Inviting Holy Spirit to Transform Your Spirit!
Kent Mattox: An Overcoming Spirit: Experiencing Post Traumatic Growth Syndrome! 
Jeff Jansen: The Outpouring of Fire, Favor and Oil to Prepare for Angelic Assistance!
Robert Heidler: The Hebraic Month of Elul: In the Battlefield with the Tribe of Gad!
Jeff Jansen: Light, Sound and Thanksgiving for Breakthrough!
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Dressed for Victory!   CD set only!
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Deliverance Ministry

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