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Key Prophecy: Peer Through the Darkness and See Your Vision Shift to Victory and Harvest!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Dear Seeing Ones:

When I woke up early yesterday morning and heard the Spirit of God say, “Think Change!”, I knew our services would not be as planned. Therefore, when I received the report that our electricity was not fully operational at the Global Spheres Center, I still could move forward with a faith to expect a powerful encounter of God’s presence.  I ended up ministering the early service on “Receiving Overcoming Grace!”, and James and Robyn Vincent shifted to minister during our Celebration Service on “Removing the Old to See the Grace Before You!”  Even with limited lighting and no internet service, we experienced the MEGA GRACE of God with an outpouring of prophetic revelation.  Don’t allow unexpected circumstances to block you from receiving all that the LORD desires to pour into you!  Be sure to watch both webcast replays and welcome the winds of God’s grace into your week! 

Key Prophecy: Peer Through the Darkness and See Your Vision Shift to Victory and Harvest!
“This is a week of divine interruptions. Be ready for divine pauses that make you stop, turn, shift, and re-think what’s happening.  In a moment, I can drop something new on you.  In a heartbeat, I can shift you with circumstances.  Watch for the divine pause and interruptions to reset your course!

“Because you have sought Me and cried out for grace, I am coming down and rearranging your heavenly place. I am causing you to see differently than you’ve seen before.  I am causing you to see through the darkness that has surrounded you. I am causing you to press through and press in to experience the uprising that I have within you. I will lift you above the dark structures that have tried to convince you that what you see and think is normal. I will cause you to come up and see from a perspective you’ve not seen before.  You will now shout, ‘Victory is at hand! Victory is at hand! Victory is at hand!’  The enemy has attempted to convince you that you are in defeat. But you have cut ties with defeat, decrease, and the legalistic struggle of attempting to be good.  You have cut ties!  Now, instead of defeat, your portion is victory and overcoming strength!  

“I am settling peace within your heart and causing you to walk in a way you’ve never walked before.  Your heart is being settled and your walk is being straightened. Do not fear walking into an old place, for that old place will not look the same. Do not fear walking into a new place, for it’s you who will bring a divine spiritual awakening in that new place.  Your eyesight is now shifting in a new way!  Watch, for you are entering a week of awakening the day. Watch, for you will see the day awakened around you, and you will say, ‘The NEW is upon me and now I see a new day being birthed!’  

“I am shifting your eyesight. You’re going to see people differently -- even people that you already know.  I am putting a new lens over your eye.  This lens will equip you for HARVEST.  Get ready for your vision to shift!  I am returning you to the source of where vision comes!  I am returning you to where the source of power comes!  I am returning you to the source of where life is breathed.  I am returning you to the breath of victory, and you will breathe out victory as you walk!”  (Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier)

Chuck D. Pierce

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