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South Korea Update: A Time to Raise Up a Roar!
Ministry Van to Keep Us on the Move!  Gardens Bursting Forth!  Extending Our Tent Pegs!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017          

Dear Rising Ones:

Thank you so much for praying for “Preparing the Way of the LORD!” Cutting Open a New Sound in Korea!  It's Harvest Time!

Prepare the Way of the LORD!  Calling Forth the Triumphant Reserve!The gatherings here in Seoul today were so powerful, and we are preparing to fly home tomorrow.  South Korea is entering a 3-year acceleration that will produce a "Harvest Shift!" The Lion of Judah will raise a roar through God's Triumphant Reserve that will cause the walls to come down in the nation of Korea!  Continue to declare the shout of the LORD will be heard in this land.   

Ministry Van to Keep Us On the Move!
12 Passenger Ministry Van  12 Passenger Ministry Van
After giving away two ministry vans to the Native Americans in Montana, as well as purchasing a rear entry ministry van to assign to Doris Wagner, we have finally been able to get a van for ministry here. We were able to trade in two older vehicles to get a newer vehicle for the ministry.  This van will now provide transportation for our youth, widows and outreach activities.  In fact, many of you using our free hotel shuttle service during next week’s conference will be riding in this 12 passenger vehicle (rather than in one we would normally have to rent).  The following week, our youth will be using it for an outreach in Oklahoma.  So this will be a wonderful asset to help us serve in many ways. 

Israel Prayer Garden Bursting Forth!
Bursting Forth in Manasseh!  Israel Prayer Garden!

Downpour in Israel Prayer Garden  Rain Descending on Dallas
This past weekend we had up to 6 inches of rain in the Metroplex.  As the pictures above show, the vibrancy of the Israel Prayer Garden is just amazing.  We are also including a short video of the rain (click HERE and listen for the sound of the downpour), along with a picture from Sunday of the rain descending on Dallas.  I know many of you coming next week for The Kingdom of God Advancing will want to spend extended times in the Gardens enjoying their beauty along with the presence of the LORD. 

Extending Our Tent Pegs at the Global Spheres Center!
So much is happening here at the Global Spheres Center.  Next week during the conference we will be dedicating the Beulah Acres Center.  This is such a tremendous addition to our campus.  Pam’s vision for Beulah Acres Center is to:

  1. Serve as the interface between the Gardens and the community. 
  2. Provide a venue for people in the community and the Body to discover and pursue their creative side.
  3. Provide sustainable landscape consultations, and installations of landscapes in the future. 

So look for many different activities and classes to begin in that area.  We are also resuming wall construction in the Miracle Center for our next expansion of community outreach services.  This will include more classroom space for dance, music, and creative expression, as well as the “Harvest Treasury,” in honor of Dr. Peter Wagner.  Additionally, our Building Team is also putting the final touches on our Call Center, and I look forward to sharing more about that in the near future.  If you would like to donate towards these expansions, you can give online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Chuck D. Pierce