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A Time to Blossom!

Thursday, June 29, 2017            

Dear Nation Changers:

I am back on the road for another two of our “22 City – Changing a Nation” gatherings with Dutch Sheets. Tonight, I am looking forward to being at the Mississippi State University Campus.  I believe Mississippi Unshackled will be a key time to mobilize for the Word of the LORD to be released over Starkville, as well as the state of Mississippi.  We are so grateful that Billy Joe and Ruthie Young of Repairers of the Breach will be joining others in hosting this free gathering at the Humphrey Coliseum.  Registration is not required, and you can click HERE for more information.

Tomorrow (Friday) night, we will be in Springfield, Illinois for Receiving the Wind of the Spirit for Breakthrough in Illinois!We are so grateful that Apostle Pat McManus is sponsoring this free gathering.  Registration is not required, and you can click HERE for more information.  If you are not able to join us for either of these gatherings, please be in prayer for a fresh wind of awakening to blow across Illinois and our nation!   

A Breaking Forth in the Israel Prayer Garden!
Lilies in Israel Prayer Garden  Lilies in Israel Prayer GardenThe heavens have been remaining open and dropping rain almost three times a week at the Global Spheres Center.  This has caused some of the lilies to explode in the Gardens.  I am decreeing the heavens will open over you and you will blossom in a new way.  GRACE!  GRACE!  GRACE!

Continuing to Shout Grace in our 21-Day Prayer and Prophetic Focus!
I love to hear all the ways people are declaring GRACE, GRACE, GRACE.  Below are the remaining days in our focus.  Continue to let your shout be heard!

Day 8
: Ponder Malachi 1:9 and read Malachi 3:4! Grace is to be humbly sought through the prayer of faith.
Day 9: Read John 1, Acts 1! The grace of God was supremely revealed and given in the person and work of Jesus Christ. He was the embodiment of grace.  Embracing Him is the only way mankind can receive salvation.
Day 10: Read Romans 3, especially verses 23-26! Grace is restoration of the broken fellowship between God and His people -- both Jew and Gentile.
Day 11: Read Ephesian 2!  Grace can be yours through SALVATION!
Day 12: Read Ephesians 4! Meditate on Hebrews 10:29! Grace is applied by the HOLY SPIRIT, who is called "the Spirit of grace."  The Spirit of God is the One who binds Christ to His people so that they receive forgiveness, adoption to son-ship, and newness of life, as well as every spiritual gift of grace.
Day 13: Read Acts 4, especially verse 33! Receive great grace.  Great grace was upon the Early Church.  They saw great miracles.  The Greek word for “great” is ‘megas,’ from which we derive the English word “mega.”  They saw great signs, great wonders, great miracles … mega miracles!  Why did they see mega miracles?  Because they had mega grace!!!!!

Day 14Read Isaiah 60! Grace and FAVOR are a necessary handshake for triumph! Favor is where someone shines their eye on you and you begin to SHINE!
Day 15Read 2 Kings 4:1-6!  Favor is received through an act of obedience!
Day 16Read 2 Kings 8:1-6! Favor is extended to you from another source!
Day 17Read Ruth 2!  Think of a time when favor was extended to you.  Praise God for it! 
Day 18Read 1 Kings 12:1-16 and Esther 6.  Think of someone you need to honor.  Call or write that person to honor them.  Honor must be reciprocated to maintain favor. 
Day 19Read Matthew 9!  Favor comes from those who have authority to release favor.
Day 20Read Judges 1:12-15 and 2 Samuel 9!  Favor can be released by you!
Day 21Read Zechariah 3 and 4.  Decree that the Lord is re-clothing you with a new identity.  Shout grace to the mountains that stopped you from advancing in the last season.  Shout grace seven times! 

These are days of receiving and extending MEGA GRACE!  Give a grace offering linked with this 21-Day Focus of shouting GRACE and receiving FAVOR from the LORD.  You can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Preparing for FREEDOM!
We are about to start our month of FREEDOM.  On July 21-23, we will be hosting A Time for Freedom: The Blood War!  If you have not registered, go to to do so today.    My prayer is that all of us will find a new level of liberty and freedom.  Watch for more details on Sunday’s Special Service at 9:00 AM.  Robert Heidler will be teaching on “The History of Revival in America: Lord, Do It Again!”

Chuck D. Pierce

Key Resources to Help You ADVANCE and TRIUMPH!

Learn to Pursue, Overtake and Recover All!
SW Handbook
The Spiritual Warfare Handbook is an incredible resource for such a time as this.  You will find some of the best teaching anywhere on how objects can represent demonic strongholds.  You will also learn how objects can also represent iniquitous patterns or generational curses, and how they may be the hiding place for familial spirits.  This compilation of three books by Rebecca Wagner Sytsema and me will help you learn to hear God’s voice and war with His Word and mature in discernment so you can pray to outwit the enemy.   Although you could read any of these books individually, I believe merging When God Speaks, Prayers That Outwit the Enemy, and Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness will help you overcome. With a total of 432 pages, The Spiritual Warfare Handbook will be a great resource for you, your friends and family members, as well as those you know who might not understand the whole premise of spiritual warfare.
(regularly $16)

Once More into the Breach
Into the Breach
This CD features an incredible collection of songs written for now!  From the moving opening track and throughout this creative studio release, you will receive a call to rise up and press into your covenant inheritance.
1. Once More Into the Breach - Jonathan Dickson, John Dickson
2. Be Still - LeAnn Squier
3. Psalm 22 - James Vincent, Tobias Lyons
4. There's a Light Up Ahead - Isaac Pierce, Justin Rana
5. Hear Your Call - Joshua Black
6. Lord of Hosts - James Vincent
7. You Still Remain - Justin Rana
8. The Brightest Star - Isaac Pierce
9. Awaken - Tracey Liggett, Justin Rana, Tobias Lyons
10. The Last Word - Justin Rana
11. Final Declaration (Jesus Reigns) - James Vincent
Special: $10 (regularly $15)

These resources and many others are available at or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials valid through July 5, 2017.