Glory of Zion International Ministries

Breaking a Three-Fold Cord of Condemnation, Poverty and Insecurity!  Celebrating Firstfruits in Tammuz: A Month to Keep Your Eye on the Prize … and Win!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Dear Celebrating Ones:

What an amazing Firstfruits Celebration we had for the month of Tammuz!  The LORD sent His Word as a chisel to free our feet from what has held them, and allow us to accelerate and move in ways we never have before. With three strategic strokes, He loosed His people from of a three-fold cord of Condemnation, Poverty, and Insecurity! The anointing of ministry that broke forth was incredible.  This opened the way for Robert Heidler to teach on Tammuz as the month of the “golden calf.”  Reuben is the patriarch associated with this month, and served as an example of a leader as well as a tribe that chose the comfort of the familiar rather than persevering for the promise.  This is not a time to be seduced by what feels or looks good now.  Rather, we must remain focused and advance into the best God has for each of us!  You will not want to miss Robert’s message on, “The Hebrew Month of Tammuz: A Month to Keep your Eye on the Prize … and WIN!” 

I encourage you to watch this entire service (again and again -- if that is what is needed) to break free from what might keep you cemented in an old season.  This is a time to advance and watch your future unfold!  Invite others to watch this replay and enter into the blessings of giving your first and best to the LORD.  If you were not able to join us and would like to give a Firstfruits offering, you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Chuck D. Pierce