Glory of Zion International Ministries

A Time to Gather: Ministry Center in Israel Advancing!

 Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dear Friends of the God of Israel:

We are so excited about how things are moving in Israel.  This is like a dream come true. Continue to pray daily for Daniel and Amber, as the warfare can get very intense there.  As you can read below, their first weekly gathering at the Glory of Zion Ministry Center will be this Saturday (June 24) at 5 PM. 

Also, don’t forget the 21 Days of Grace.  I got up this morning and read Romans 6 in the Passion Bible - it was just amazing.  I loved verse 16: “Don’t you realize that GRACE frees you to choose your own Master?” 

Always let us know when you are traveling to Israel.  We will be sending Marty Cassady from June 29 – July 6 to minister at the Ministry Center in Jerusalem.  She will be teaching on angels and the supernatural and opening up a portal between heaven and earth.

Chuck D. Pierce

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shalom Glory of Zion Family:

We will be hosting a night of worship on Saturday 24th of June at 5:00 pm in the new Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Jerusalem. For those who would like to attend, the Ministry Center is located at Pierre Koenig 37 at the corner of Po'alei Tsedek St. directly opposite the Hadar mall in Talpiyot neighborhood.  Guests should enter the building hallway near the furniture store at Po'alei Tsedek #2 and take the elevator or stairs to the first floor where the ministry center entrance is located. Please join us for this time of worship and fellowship before the Lord.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.     

Thank you,

Daniel and Amber Pierce

We appreciate your prayer and giving for Israel.  You may donate by clicking HERE (and noting Ministry Center in Israel in the comment line) or by calling 1 (940) 382-7231.