Glory of Zion International Ministries

Keith Pierce and Barbara Wentroble Ministering this Sunday! “Don’t Lose Confidence: Your Promise is Before You!” and “Celebrate Your Jubilee!"

Friday, June 2, 2017                  

Dear Advancing Ones:

This Sunday morning is sure to be a powerful time of advancement and celebration.  You will not want to miss the ministry and faith activation from both Keith Pierce and Barbara Wentroble! Come expecting an encounter with the LORD!

Don’t Lose Your Confidence!
During our Early Service at 8 AM, Keith Pierce will be partnering with LeAnn Squier and our Judah Team to create an atmosphere for Heaven to manifest on earth.  Keith will also share what the LORD has been speaking to him from Hebrews 10:35-38.  After entering into this Pentecost month, we do not want to lose our momentum.  Be sure to hear his message on “Don’t Lose Confidence: Your Promise is Before You!”

Celebrate Your Jubilee!
During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, our Judah Team will continue to help us ascend in worship to open the way for God’s Word to order our advance.  Barbara Wentroble will then help us break into an understanding of JUBILEE where debts are canceled, inheritance is restored, and captives are set free.  Don’t miss this time to declare restoration and freedom when Barbara ministers on “Celebrate Your Jubilee!” 

Golf Outreach to Support Foster Children!
Global Spheres Entry for Fairways for Families Benefit Golf Tournament
Last week we helped support Embrace Texas by entering a Global Spheres team in their annual golf tournament, Fairways for Families.  This local ministry helps children in foster care find permanent homes, as well as transition out of the foster care system into adulthood.  As a tournament sponsor, we were part of raising over $15,000 for this worthy cause.  I loved hearing our lineup of George Slack, Billy Franklin, John Pierce and Ben Windsor took first place!  We are grateful to be a part of supporting children in need as well as introducing Global Spheres to others across the Metroplex.  

Shabbat shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce

If you would like to give to the ongoing work of this ministry you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Key Resources to Help Your Promises Break Open Before You!

Possessing Your Inheritance by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
When Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10), He demonstrated God's longing for His people to prosper and accomplish all that He has planned for them.  God wants to take each of us from a place of judgment, desolation and fruitlessness, to a place of restoration, hope and abundant life.  Filled with testimonies of God’s faithfulness, this book will help you discover how to take hold of that which God has destined for you and the generations to follow.
SPECIAL: $9 (regularly $13)

A Time to Prosper by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler
A Time to Prosper
is a unique book for developing an understanding of prosperity from a Hebraic understanding of time.   Once you understand the cycles (of life and the calendar) and the various laws (of recovery, use and multiplication), you can position yourself to receive the fulfillment of God’s promise of prosperity.  Learn how to first seek God and His Kingdom, so all things will be added to you! Prosperity occurs when you enter into the fullness of God’s plan for your life.  When you align yourself in God’s cycle of time, you position yourself for the windows of Heaven to open above you and pour down blessings.  A Time to Prosper will help you think differently, understand your unique identity, and find ways to defeat strongholds that keep you from increasing and multiplying!
SPECIAL: $10 (regularly $15)

Fighting for Your Prophetic Promises by Barbara Wentroble
In this comprehensive, accessible guide, veteran prophetic warrior Barbara Wentroble lays the biblical foundation for prophetic ministry and shows how you can walk in biblical wisdom and avoid common pitfalls. God did not intend to communicate only through a select few. You can discover the incredible blessing that comes from receiving, releasing and actually fighting for a word from Him.
SPECIAL: $11 (regularly $13)

Empowered for Your Purpose! by Barbara Wentroble
Like every person, you have the incredible potential to become one of God's precious "called, chosen and faithful" people who help advance the kingdom of God, as they allow Him to work in their lives and become all He has destined them to be. Sadly, while many are called, too few become the chosen and, ultimately, the faithful. This book will help you become all three!  Barbara Wentroble urges you to press on with your journey! God will stand with you every step of the way through all times of testing and even warfare until you fulfill His purpose for your life. And having persevered, you can spiritually mentor those who are just beginning the journey, helping to take the Church to a new level and extend His kingdom on Earth, God is calling -- be sure you're listening! 
SPECIAL: $11 (regularly $14)

These and many other resources are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials are good through June 9, 2017.