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Moving in the Waters of Revival!  Enter into this Season of Apostolic Authority, Power and GRACE!  Begin Your Week Watching Sunday Replays with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets!

The Nations Worship!  Dutch Sheets Loosing a Charge!Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Saints on the Move:

What an incredible close to a historic weekend!  Yesterday’s services cut open the way into a new REVIVAL flow and outpouring of GRACE!  We are about to launch into 15 Days of Grace – so look for that focus later this week. 

If you were not able to join us yesterday, I encourage you to watch the webcast replays to help set your course in this new season of advancement.  In fact, we will postpone the start of our conference replays until Wednesday so you can begin focusing on receiving the impartation from both of yesterday’s replays.  Our Early Service was redirected by God’s Spirit to help us MOVE IN THE WATERS OF REVIVAL!  During our Celebration Service, we continued to ascend in worship before Dutch Sheets broke upon the heavens with revelation on Prophetic Numbers for Apostolic Authority, Might and GRACE!  This was an amazing time of faith activation, and sowing into supernatural release.  I look forward to watching these services all week so I am fully “submerged” in this new expression of Kingdom living and authority. 

I believe many of you may choose to give as a means of expressing your agreement with the anointing the LORD was releasing.  You can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Pressing into a New Kingdom Identity!  Watch our Free Webcast Replays! 
We are of a Kingdom on the move, and no gathering to date has been a clearer demonstration of that movement than The Kingdom of God Advancing! Through every speaker, worship time, and watch, the Lord spoke again and again of our call to advance, and the surety of our victory in days ahead. Individuals, nations, and people groups received a new charge and thrust into the harvest fields of every sphere that we are called to occupy.  As I already shared, the LORD woke me up early on Friday morning to say “My enemies will regret crossing a line and rousing My wrath!”  We have crossed over into a new season where the LORD is coming with a new order and administration of His Kingdom.   If you have any doubt about your identity in this transition, our free webcast replays will help you shift now!  Our replay schedule is below.  I encourage you to invite your family and friends to watch with you so you can corporately advance into this season of multiplication and harvest.
Chuck and Keith Pierce  Loosing the Cry of the Warrior!

The Generations in Worship!  Worship Arising!

Wednesday, June 21Jonathan Cahn: Understanding the Prophetic Signs of the Times!
Thursday, June 22
…  Chuck Pierce: A New Day of Breakthrough for the Church!and Jacqueline Del Rosario: Five Things for Advancing in the Next Season!
Friday, June 23Tim Sheets: The Release of Angels of Alignment!
Saturday, June 24Kyle Searcy: Get Ready for an Upgrade!
Sunday, June 25Mario Bramnick: Releasing Your Sound to Shift Atmospheres! 
Monday, June 26Henry Pillai: The Privileges and Responsibilities of the Firstborn!
Tuesday, June 27Alain Caron: Covenantal Alignment to Win the War in a New Type of Apostolic Center!
Wednesday, June 28
Mary Glazier: A Call to Test the Spirits and Discern the Spirit of Truth!
Thursday, June 29Robert Heidler: The Kingdom of God Advancing … Aligning for Multiplication and Harvest!

Chuck D. Pierce