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Seeking DAILY!  Praise to Unlock Multiplication! 
“I Will Be What You Need Me to Be!”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dear Praising Ones:

Oh my – Sunday’s services were an incredible time of outpouring!  The revelation that broke forth will establish a course to unlock and multiply!  As I shared during our early service, the LORD awakened me throughout the night with a word: DAILY.  There are things the LORD expects from each of us daily. Although we have moments of breakthrough or convergence, there is also a daily dynamic that we must learn to walk in. 

The LORD impressed upon me 10 areas of daily interaction.  He actually said, “Until My people are moving with Me DAILY they will not be walking in transformation!”  I will be using these 10 points in a 10-Day Prayer Focus starting on Monday.  If you could not join us on Sunday morning for the Early Service, be sure to watch the webcast replay.  Let’s continue praising each day through Sunday.  Here are just a few scriptures on praise to help you make it a priority all week long: Ex. 15:2, 11; Deut. 10:21; 2 Sam. 22:4, 50; 1 Chron. 16:9, 25, 29; Ps. 7:17, 9:11, 18:3, 47:6, 48:1, 57:7, 69:34, 98:4-5, 111:1, 113:3, 146:1-2, 149:1; Rom 14:11; Heb. 13:15; Rev. 5:12.

7 Days of Praising Daily!
When we daily praise, we begin to unlock a power of multiplication.  We began our seven days of praise on Monday at 6 AM, and will rotate through these prayer watches:
Tuesday at noon
Wednesday at 6 PM
Thursday at 6 AM
Friday at noon
Saturday at 6 PM
Sunday at 6 AM

I hope many of you can enter into these times of praise.  The key is to set your heart to enter into praise DAILY.  Don’t give way to murmuring, complaining, doubt or unbelief.  Instead, rehearse the goodness of the LORD and His mercies that are new every morning.  I look forward to leading today’s Praise Watch at noon in the Tabernacle.  You are invited to join us in the Tabernacle or by webcast (live or replay) for all of these watches.

Knowing Jesus as the Great I AM!
In this month of understanding God’s secrets, we want to continue learning the nature of I AM.  As Robert Heidler shared on Sunday morning, once we know who I AM is, then He can show us who we are in this season. Don’t miss the webcast replay of his teaching on “Knowing Jesus as the Great I AM: I Will Be What You Need Me to Be!”  Let’s continue to press in for the release of revelation that will unlock healing, wholeness, and all that we need to express the fullness of our identity in this crossed-over season.

Chuck D. Pierce

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