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Amazing Breakthrough at the White House for Israel!
New Lyric Video: Meet Me Down in Shiloh!

 Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear Honoring Ones:

Thank you for your prayers for my time in Washington DC yesterday. For the first time in American history, 100+ leaders were invited to the White House to honor and celebrate Israel's freedom that occurred 69 years ago on the 5th day of Iyar. Vice President Pence said that as long as President Trump is in office, the United States will never allow Israel's safety to be compromised!

Key rabbis, senators from both parties, and some key American Christians who trumpet the cause of Israel were in attendance.  Other key speakers included David Friedman (the US Ambassador to Israel), Senator Orin Hatch, and Ron Dermer (the Israeli Ambassador to the US).  In this time of nations realigning, let’s give thanks for this official recognition of Israel’s independence. 

New Lyric Video: Meet Me Down in Shiloh!
New Lyric Video: Meet Me Down in Shiloh!
I am loving the creativity, emotion and breakthrough expressed on our new CD, Our Song Will Rise!  Each song releases a sound of faith that is arising from the earth and connecting with the sound of restoration emanating from the heavenlies.  A great example of this is Shiloh, written and sung by Justin Rana.  He wrote this song over quite a long period of time, and shares:
“I had been through some troubling situations followed by some moments of real, true deliverance.  The place I had to go spiritually is much like the place described in this song – a place of complete peace, where time is no object, and where your soul finds rest. I actually bounced a lot of ideas off of LeAnn Squier. As we talked about what this place is, it became clear that it’s similar to a place on earth that you may go to relax and just lay your burdens down with your friends or family. That place exists with God also – only 1,000 times better!  No more fear.  No more pain.  No more hate.  No more shame.  That’s Shiloh.” 

Be sure to enjoy the Shiloh Lyric Video by clicking HERE.  Find the way to your “Shiloh” and the place of rest and comfort for your soul.  

The entire Our Song Will Rise CD is simply amazing.  The collection of sounds, hymns, spiritual songs, and faith building power will cause you to arise with new faith and be propelled into victory!  Whether it’s “Shiloh” or one of the other tracks, you will not only release the weights that hold you down, but arise with a new joy for the journey ahead.  Through May 30, you can purchase Our Song Will Rise for only $10 (regularly $15).  Go to or call 1-888-965-1099 to order your copy today.  We also have group discounts of 3 for $25 and 10 for $60.  Let this be the time for your new song to rise!

Chuck D. Pierce

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