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A Time to Occupy!  The Shift into a New Administration!
Walking with God DAILY: Understanding Authority!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dear Shifting Ones:

When the LORD reorders our steps, we can be assured He has something wonderful planned.  When Pam’s fever did not break until early Sunday morning, I knew the LORD was adjusting our schedule for the day.  Rather than the two of us ministering on returning to the garden, the LORD redirected our schedule for me to release the apostolic vision of where we are and where we are headed, as we occupy the sphere He has given us.  We are a restructured people who represent a Kingdom that will prevail, as we continue to move forward and manifest our identities!  I encourage all of you to listen to this message, to better understand the vision of this apostolic prototype the LORD is developing.

Our Celebration Service was a time of activating our “sending” identity, as several were pressed out into critical assignments of travel and new frontiers.  Each week, we are seeing the identity of the Global Spheres Center come into fuller manifestation.  Robert Heidler then taught on Walking with God DAILY: Understanding Authority!  Not only does submitting to authority daily cut off the enemy’s access, but it also helps us exercise authority.  You will not want to miss this message that will activate your faith and give you seven steps to walking in victory.

Continuing to Develop the Anointing DAILY!
We have three days remaining in our “10 Days to Daily Establish the Anointing!”  In addition to finding the focus on our website, we are hosting the following corporate watches in the Prayer Tower, to help you develop daily. 
Tuesday at Noon
Wednesday at 6 AM, Noon and 6 PM
Thursday at Noon
I encourage you to find your times to enter in onsite or by webcast.

Chuck D. Pierce

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Key Resources to Help You the Shift into a New Administration!

The Apostolic Church Arising!
Apostolic Church  CD Set
The Apostolic Church Arising traces the history of the original apostolic centers that we read of in the New Testament to the “now” of their multiplication and existence.  This will help you better understand the apostolic prototype the Lord created for His Church to overcome the gates of hell.  Join the Triumphant Reserve who is embracing the administration of a new apostolic church, filled with power and glory!  As you read or listen to this book, you will sense yourself arising with Kingdom power and authority.  Become one of those who demonstrates His glory today! 
Book Special: $10 (regularly $15)
Audio CD Special: $25 (regularly $50)

To purchase these and many other resources, please visit, or call 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231.  Specials good through May 31, 2017.