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Let Judah Be Established in Washington DC!
Wednesday Watch at 6 AM: Establishing the Atmosphere!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dear Establishing Ones:

I am presently in Washington DC praying for our nation.  I will also be attending a gathering this afternoon to commemorate Israel’s Independence Day. I just recorded a brief video for Facebook, and encourage you to watch it by clicking HERE.  Join me in praying for Judah to be established in Washington DC.  Let’s declare that Judah will go first and lead our nation into triumph. 
Praying for this Nation

Wednesday Morning Watch: Establishing the Atmosphere!
Tomorrow morning, we will continue our Wednesday Morning Watch at 6 AM.  When Judah goes first, a new sound helps develop a new atmosphere.  Everyone is welcome to join us in the Prayer Tower where Anne Tate will be leading a breakthrough watch.  Whether you travel to the Global Spheres Center or webcast, join your sound with a troop that is arising in the land.

Chuck D. Pierce

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