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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dear Anointed Ones:

I hope that many of you have begun to enter into our “10 Days to Establish the Daily Anointing!”  I believe this daily walk with the LORD will cause us to be transformed.  To help us break into a new place of corporate anointing, we will have three corporate watches tomorrow at 6 AM, noon and 6 PM.  We will be praying through our second “daily” focus – extending love.  During each of these watches we will be enlarging our capacity to receive and extend His love, so that we manifest the fresh fire of His love daily individually, as well as corporately.  Everyone is welcome to join us tomorrow in the Prayer Tower or online for these times of breaking through into a new daily devotion.

A Day of Praise!  Don’t Miss Sundays Webcast Replays!
I hope many of you were able to join us on Sunday morning for the culmination of our Seven Day of Praise.  During our 8:00 AM Praise Watch, James and Robyn Vincent led us in recognizing His presence among us and the confidence of warring in His rest!  During our Celebration Service, worship and praise continued to unlock a powerful time of ministry.  This is a time when the LORD is removing constrictions, so we can fully express our identity in Him.  Robert Heidler then taught on the five things praise accomplishes.  His message on Opening Heaven: The Spiritual Power of Praise was an incredible culmination to all we saw and experienced this past week.  If you need to jumpstart your heart of praise, or just press further into its release, I encourage you to watch these replays.   

Chuck D. Pierce

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Key Resources to Help You Develop a New Love and Passion!
When we don’t sense the life of Christ flowing through us, we need to ask the Lord, "What has happened to my passion? In the midst of my circumstance, Lord, did I just get tired and quit withstanding?” In truth, we can pray until we are green. We can do all sorts of religious activities. But if we don’t resist the enemy in the midst of that trial (the temptation toward passivity and all other temptations) and if we don’t let that trial bring the working of the Cross into us, then we won’t really enter into the passion and fullness of life that the Lord has for each of us. Having God’s passion as we walk in wisdom and revelation is the key to protecting ourselves from becoming outwitted by the enemy!

Prayers That Outwit the Enemy by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
Prayers Outwit
Prayers that Outwit the Enemy explains the devil in a way that alleviates your fear to confront him and overturn his schemes! Learn how to overcome the enemy’s plan in your life, by gaining the strategy of God. The Holy Spirit is teaching the Body to pray in a new way. This book explains many of those ways. Understand your enemy and defeat his plan through the unlocking of passionate prayer.
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Passionate Pursuit by James W. Goll
Passionate Pursuit
The mighty God of the Universe is also your heavenly Father who loves you deeply. He understands you inside and out, and He desires for you to know Him personally, too. Author James Goll joyfully guides you into the spiritual reality of knowing God's heart through an intentional, ongoing relationship with Him. Passionate Pursuit shows you how to open your heart to encounter the Living Lord!
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Heart on Fire Pendant and Earrings
Heart on Fire
This pendant pictures the fire of Pentecost igniting our hearts. Allow His love to consume your heart! Sterling silver manufactured in Israel.
SPECIAL: Pendant: $25 (regularly $50)
Earrings: $15

These and many other resources are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials are good through May 25, 2017.