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Back to Israel!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Dear Friends of the God of Israel:

This has been a very good six-month process for Daniel and Amber.  After two wars and lots of pressing through, they needed time here to regroup and connect back with headquarters. You miss a lot in seven years.  Their time here has been wonderful and they are looking forward to returning to Israel, this weekend.  I am excited that they are paving the way for me to go Jerusalem at the end of this month.  Pray for all of us as we make this transition.  If possible, we want each of you to travel to Israel and visit the Glory of Zion Ministry Center which we will dedicate on Sunday, May 28.  More details are in their letter below.

Chuck D. Pierce

An Apostolic Alignment of Allies for the Millennial Age
God is breathing something of covenant on this generation.  We have developed differently than generations before us, partly because much was given to us and we heavily rely on social media for relationships.  Now is a time when God is breathing on relationships that have been sovereignly placed in your life.  You must see who God has put in your life to grow with, and who you will see the kingdom of God advance with.

I had a vision three years ago.  I saw seasoned leaders with large reputations and anointings standing in a circle, holding hands.  Each leader had someone of the millennial age sitting on their shoulders and they were also holding hands.  There was a commitment to the future being made by the younger generations to partner with each other against all odds, while honoring and working with the elders. 

My young family is preparing to go back to Israel after first moving there, seven years ago.  I was 30 when we first moved to Israel, my husband younger than that and my daughter was eighteen months old.  We were so excited at the end of 2010 to take on such an adventure.  I was naive.  I had no idea that conflict with enemy territory and rumors of war would become part of our lives.  I didn’t know that I would react in some of the ways that I did.  I had no idea that rockets launched from Gaza would cause my windows to rattle and that I would begin to lose my mind and become completely emotionally unwound to the point that I would eventually bottom out.  I didn’t know that other nations would help terrorists in Gaza smuggle rockets the size of telephone polls over the border and fire them at all the major cities in Israel. I had no idea that two of these rockets would one day blow up directly over our home in Jerusalem!  

I had no idea that someone could live in such a state of war but at the same time be so committed to it.  I didn’t know that even after everything that we’ve been through in Israel over seven years that we would still want to be there.  I didn’t know that I would one day call Jerusalem home.  I never thought that I would say that it’s the most romantic city on earth.   I’m still surprised that even with all of the comforts that I can choose to have in Texas that I keep choosing Jerusalem.

Over the past several months, we thought we were done.  We didn’t want to go back to Israel again.  Then one morning, all of a sudden, the desire began to grow in our family to go back.  Our home church, Glory of Zion, agreed, prayed for us and prepared to send us back.  Justin Rana, who has grown up in the church and leads media and worship, felt impressed by the Lord to call our generation to rally around us, send us out, prophesy, encourage and pray for us.  The vision that I shared above is coming to pass.   The millennial generation has come to maturity and will now produce a fruitful harvest!

God is releasing a new call over our generation that we are excited to be a part of and look forward to seeing mature, in this season.  I believe that key relationships are strengthening in a way to define covenant, as God has ordained it in our time.

Almost Pentecost
At the Passover conference at Glory of Zion in April, I saw very clearly that circumstances would not become easy afterward.  I saw that God would be cutting many things out of the Body over the fifty-day period, as we pressed toward Pentecost.  We are almost there.  In just two weeks we will have stepped into to a whole new glory!

Back in Jerusalem – Ministry Center Dedication!
On Sunday, Daniel, Lily, Elijah and I will land in Israel.  We are preparing for the dedication of the Glory of Zion Ministry Center in Jerusalem.   This will take place on Sunday, May 28 at 5 PM Jerusalem time.  You all are welcome to join us!  The address is Polaris Tzedek 37, with access to the second floor by elevator or stairs at the back of the building. 

We are also excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team in Jerusalem!

Shmuel Salway has been instrumental in discipling the youth and pastoring in Israel, for 20 years.  You will see him when your visit the Ministry Center, as well as hear messages from him.  We are expectant of the fruit that’s to come out of Jerusalem. Shmuel and his wife, Suzie, have three children and are expecting their fourth later this month.

Pierce Family
Daniel, Amber, Lily and Elijah Pierce

We appreciate your prayer and giving for Israel.  You may donate by clicking HERE (and noting Pierce Support in Israel in the comment line) or by calling 1 (940) 382-7231.