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Firstfruits Sunday Morning with Chuck Pierce: “Time to Face the Giants!” and Robert Heidler: “Learning the Secrets of God as you Cross Over!”


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dear Advancing Ones:

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning’s Firstfruits Celebration for the Hebraic month of Iyar.  In this hinge month, we want to pivot into our new position of overcoming.  To help us move forward during our Celebration Service at 8 AM, I will be ministering on “Time to Face the Giants!”  This will then open the way for our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM when Robert Heidler teaches on “The Month of Iyar 2017: Learning the Secrets of God as you CROSS OVER from Passover to Pentecost!”  I hope many of you will be able to join with us for this Firstfruits Celebration of bringing our first and best to the LORD.

Chuck D. Pierce

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