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Jane Hansen Hoyt Visits the Glory of Zion Ministry Center! A Lifting Up of Gates in Jerusalem! 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dear Faith-Filled Ones:

When you receive this email, I will already by flying to England for Redeeming the Time: Taking Back the Years!   Before departing, I was so encouraged to receive this video from Jerusalem. Jane Hansen Hoyt, President and CEO of Aglow International, is presently in Israel with a team of leaders.  I have known Jane for many years and consider it an honor not only to minister at Aglow gatherings, but also to serve as an advisor to this global ministry.  Yesterday, she took time out of her busy schedule to stop by the newly completed Ministry Center in the heart of Jerusalem.  There comes a time when our faith gives way to sight, and she desired to speak into the new work that is being birthed there.  Click HERE to watch this short video and join her in declaring a new “lifting up” for the King of Glory.  Since our identity is rooted in Israel, we could not come to fullness without this Glory of Zion Ministry Center coming to life in Jerusalem. 
Jane Hansen Hoyt Speaks into Glory of Zion Ministry Center!
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Chuck D. Pierce