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New Video: “When You Walk into the Room!” 
Beauty for Ashes!  Don’t Miss Sunday: “Recognizing and Overcoming Your Enemy!”


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dear Overcomers:                                

While preparing for our Passover Celebration, the younger tribe gathered to seek the heart of the LORD for this time of crossing over.  In this worship video, lead singer, Chenia Patu, along with Jane Arenas, Tyler Moody, Summer Moody, and Sam Dickson, really express what the LORD will do if you allow Him to come into your circumstances. So many are struggling at this time. I encourage you to watch this video and allow Him to walk into your room! 
When You Walk into the Room!

Beauty for Ashes!
The internationally recognized date for Holocaust Remembrance Day is Monday, April 24 (the 27th day of Nisan).  This day marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.  Myles and Katharine Weiss taped a segment for Zola Levitt Ministries with an overview of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp along with a very uplifting view of Israel’s restoration.  You can click HERE to watch their teaching to better understand God’s promise to give beauty for ashes (Is. 61).
Beauty for Ashes

This Sunday at Global Spheres Center: Recognizing and Overcoming Your Enemy!
This is a key time to not only understand the forces that oppose us, but how we are mantled to overcome. That is why I have asked Robert Heidler to teach this Sunday morning during our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM on “Recognizing and Overcoming Your Enemy!”Prior to this, LeAnn Squier and Justin Rana will be partnering with Keith Pierce for a time of Ascension Worship and Declaration at 8 AM.   Bring your sound and expectation to help
establish an atmosphere where Heaven manifests on Earth. 

Chuck D. Pierce

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Key Resources to Help You Overcome!

Prayers That Outwit the Enemy by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Sytsema
Prayers Outwit
By understanding the game of chess in the natural, we can understand the spiritual dynamic of strategy, warfare, and communion. This unique book begins with a comparison of the earthly game of chess with spiritual warfare, prayer, and ascending and communing from our heavenly abiding place. Prayers that Outwit the Enemy explains the devil in a way that alleviates your fear to confront him and overturn his schemes! Learn how to overcome the enemy’s plan in your life by gaining the strategy of God. The Holy Spirit is teaching the Body to pray in a new way. This book explains many of those ways. Understand your enemy and defeat his plan through prayer.
SPECIAL: $10 (regularly $14)

Restoring Your Shield of Faith by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert Heidler
Restoring Shield
Sometimes it’s a battle to stay strong in our faith. Satan’s repeated attacks, using our own feelings of fear and doubt, can wear down our belief in the Lord’s power and goodness.  Learn to be an overcomer, fighting and winning the daily battles against Satan’s insidious objective. As your faith grows, doors of opportunity will swing open, asserting Christ’s promise to His followers that through faith, nothing is impossible! Equipped with the four keys to building faith—familiarity with the Word of God, praise and thankfulness in all situations, trust in Him and obedience to His leading—you’ll be able to lift up your shield of faith and enter into the fullness of God’s blessings!  
SPECIAL: $10 (regularly $13)

Faith: A Time to Overcome and Break Through!
Overcome and Break Through
Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen.  As Abraham exhibited, faith causes you to cross over!  These teachings will help you rise up in a new way!  Beginning with ministry by Chuck Pierce on "Emotions, Expectation and Faith!”, a foundation was laid for great expectation and advancement.  By the time we reached our closing session, there was a huge release of joy as we closed the door on the month of Av and celebrated the blessings awaiting us in Elul. Each of these sessions will help you to rise up with new strength and possess the promises of your destiny:
Chuck Pierce: Emotions, Expectations and Faith!
Dutch Sheets: Is There Not a Cause?
Robert Heidler: The Tenacity of Triumphant Faith: Winning the Battles for Your Promised Land!

Genet Beeftu: The Power of Forgiveness!
Katherine Wells: Warring with Your Prophetic Word!

Dutch Sheets: Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Weight!
Robert Heidler: Going from Gleaning to Harvest: Entering the Realm of Multiplication!

Robert Heidler: The Hebrew Month of Elul: In the Battlefield with the Tribe of Gad!

(regularly $40) for CD or DVD set!

Triumphing Over Your Enemies
Triumphing Over
The Lord’s presence permeated this entire Judah School weekend.  He released revelation to equip us to enter into his timing and to overcome all that would stand against us.  Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler were joined by Barbara Yoder and Ray Hughes.  The sessions covered:
·       The dangers of “the season of basilisk” and how we can emerge from this potential season of calamity with overcoming strength and victory
·       Triumphing in the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
·       Ushering in the order of David
·       A season of a new sound and the activation of Holy Spirit led troops
Also included in this set is an extended time of worship to release and model the power of triumphant songs and sounds, Robert Heidler’s teaching on the month of Av, and both messages from Sunday morning.  During the “Power of Lift” service, Deborah DeGar ministered on the power of “Choosing to Believe” God’s word.  Ray Hughes closed our weekend by sharing how the generations will be aligned when we embrace the Word of the Lord and the testimony of those who have gone before us. 
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $80) for CD or DVD set

The Overcomer's Anointing by Barbara Yoder
Overcomer's Anointing
Find hope in the midst of spiritual darkness! Though believers walk in the light, darkness still assails us. Sometimes we find ourselves stumbling along, desperate for God's direction but feeling farther from Him with each step. Sharing biblical examples and her own personal struggles with spiritual darkness, Barbara Yoder unveils how God uses this place of uncertainty and solitude to forge new life in you. Coupled with hope and encouragement, the life-giving keys Barbara offers will help you:
•find purpose and authority even in your darkest spiritual hour
•break off hindrance that imprison you
•receive His power and new anointing and
•rise up as an overcomer in the light of His glory
No matter what seemingly insurmountable challenges you encounter, don't lose heart. God is at work preparing you for victory

These and many other resources are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials are good through April 30, 2017.