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Passover 2017 Webcast Replays Now Available!


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dear Victorious Ones:

We are a changed people! We have PASSED OVER in one of the most extraordinary gatherings we have ever hosted.  The LORD met us in almost-unimaginable ways each day, as Holy Spirit orchestrated the alignment and expressions of people, tribes and nations. Futures and destinies that had been sealed for generations were unlocked in the progression of sound and revelation that burst forth over the weekend.  If you have any doubt about crossing over into your new place, our free webcast replays will help you shift now! 

From Passover to Resurrection Power to Perceiving I AM!
This is such a key season that I want to be sure all of you can fully grasp not only why we celebrate Passover, but how this causes us to arise with Resurrection Power!  Therefore, we have developed a special replay with three critical themes from this last weekend.  This special replay will begin with Robert Heidler’s teaching from Saturday night on “Passover 5777: Unsealing your Scroll for the Future!”  To show how this connects with how the Passover Lamb rose from the dead and the gift this provide us, we have also added Robert’s short teaching from Sunday morning, “Celebrating Jesus the Risen Lord: The Firstfruits of a New Creation!  Finally, to help us think differently about what transpired in the Garden Tomb, we are also including my message from Sunday’s Breaking of the Day Service, “How Do You Perceive the Resurrection?”  Beginning today and all day tomorrow, this extended webcast will be our featured replay.  We will also keep up this replay through the end of the month so you can watch it as many times as you need, to fully embrace the power of this season. 

Passover Webcast Replays!
I am still amazed how the LORD ordered our Passover Celebration.  Only Holy Spirit could have orchestrated the alignment of worship, peoples and revelation to cross us over into a new season.  If you were not able to join us last week or missed a session, please find your times to watch our replays.  I encourage you to invite your family and friends to watch with you so you can corporately cut your way into your new season of victory and favor.

Tuesday, April 18 and Wednesday, April 19Robert Heidler: Passover 5777 … Unsealing your Scroll for the Future! and Celebrating Jesus the Risen Lord … the Firstfruits of a New Creation! and Chuck Pierce: How Do You Perceive the Resurrection?
Thursday, April 20
…  Negiel Bigpond:  Cross Over and Find Your New Identity! and Dutch Sheets: Passover … Crossing Over into Covenant, Identity and Inheritance! 
Friday, April 21Chuck Pierce: Perceiving the Procession of the Lord! and Venner Alston: Unsealing Revelation … Coming out of the Dark Ages and into the Kingdom Age!
Saturday, April 22Tom Hamon: Receive your Upgrade! and Jane Hamon:  Passover … the Season of Comeback and Divine Reversal!
Sunday, April 23Kent Mattox: Now is the Time! The Time is Now! The Fullness of Time has Come!
Monday, April 24Isaac Petrie: Renewing Your Mind … Passing Over Back to the Garden!
Tuesday, April 25Daniel and Amber Pierce: New Beginnings and New Seasons!
Wednesday, April 26
…  Steven Springer: Passing Over into a Season of Creativity for Harvest!
Thursday, April 27Joe Donnell: The Father's View of the Land!

I hope you find time to join us by webcast replay in this time of advancing, with fresh revelation for a new season.  One of the joys of celebrating God’s appointed feasts is giving, so during the sessions you may be stirred to give into the anointing being released.  This is one of the ways to express your agreement with the Lord and to respond to Him with gladness of heart. You can give online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Chuck D. Pierce