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Incredible New CD Just Released!! 
Pass Over with “Our Song Will Rise!”

Our Song Will Rise!
Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Rising Ones:

I cannot express how overwhelmed and grateful I was after listening to this new CD, Our Song Will Rise! There could not be a better album to help us cross over, into this new seasonAs a Passover special, you can purchase Our Song Will Rise for only $10 (regularly $15).  This new compilation from Glory of Zion International Worship displays the sound that is arising from the earth and connecting with the sound of restoration emanating from the heavenlies.

This is a synergistic, generational sound of war, healing, worship and faith! The collection of sounds, hymns, spiritual songs, and faith building power will cause you to arise with new faith and be propelled into victory! As you listen, allow the Lord to show you how you can cease being a passive bystander and become part of a mighty army advancing to unlock the captive strongholds of your inheritance! Raise your voice! Sing a new song! New songs break old cycles! See the fields of harvest ahead! Feel the earth singing and heaven clapping as you enter in and shout RESTORE!

Tracks include:
Our Song Will Rise (Justin Rana)
Celebration Jig (instrumental)
Shiloh (Justin Rana)
Take Me to the River (LeAnn Squier)
He Ain’t Heavy/Lean On Me (Isaac Pierce, Justin Rana, James Vincent, John Dickson, LeAnn Squier)
The Lord is My Light (James Vincent)
I Belong to You (James Vincent, Justin Rana, LeAnn Squier, Tiffany Smith, Aaron Smith, John Dickson)
Isaiah 40 (Do You Not Know) (John Dickson, Jonathan Dickson)
The Lion and the Lamb (LeAnn Squier)
Walls Fall Down (James Vincent)
Who Will Contend (John Dickson)
Raise Your Voice (Justin Rana)
Ninety and Nine (John Dickson)
Rowdy Friends (John Dickson)

This is one CD you don’t want to miss!  Go to to order your copy today.  At the special price of 1 for $10, 3 for $25, or 10 for $60 through April 30, this also makes a great gift for family and friends.  This is your time to pass over and let your new sound rise!

Chuck D. Pierce