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Let the Redeemed Say SO! 
Passover Celebration Begins Tonight!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dear Redeemed Ones:

We are in the midst of PASSING OVER.  Passover is one of the key feasts of the year leading up to the LORD’s death and resurrection.  This celebration is linked with the POWER of REDEMPTION.  This is the time for the redeemed of the LORD to say SO!  Our Passover Celebration here at the Global Spheres Center begins tonight, and I am looking forward to Dutch Sheets helping open up our way. Worship starts at 7 PM, but we will actually begin at 6 PM with an intercessory watch.  You can see our complete schedule by clicking HERE.  Don’t miss being with us as we celebrate Passover 2017 and the future that is being unsealed at this time.

Special Sunday Services!
On Sunday morning, we will meet at the Pavilion at 7 AM for our Breaking of the Day Celebration.  This will be a special outdoor service to celebrate the RESURRECTION of the Passover Lamb.  With the light of a new day, we will celebrate Yeshua’s victory over death, hell and the grave.  Following this service will be a time of water baptisms.  (If you would like to be baptized, please contact our office at 940-382-7231.)  We will also have a time of fellowship, with a light breakfast being served on Solomon’s Porch.  Then at 9 AM, we will begin our “Judah Goes First” Celebration Service in the Tabernacle to close our weekend and break forth in a new way!

If you are joining us onsite, please allow extra travel time.  Traffic patterns have changed, and the northbound I-35E exit for Swisher is earlier than you might expect.  If you cannot join us onsite, please try and connect by webcast.   Don’t miss your opportunity to embrace resurrection revelation and pass over into your next level of power and authority for the season ahead.

An Oasis for the Nations!
Breath of God in the Garden
I love to see people from all around the globe visiting the Global Spheres Center.  For this week’s Passover Celebration, there will be many nations represented.  Yesterday, we had a large group of Chinese leaders join us for a historic day.  The Chinese Church is entering a three-year window of accelerated rearrangement of vision.  Let’s declare that they will help lead the Body of Christ in new prototypes for harvest.   

Chuck D. Pierce

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