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Prophecy Hotline Goes Beyond!
"Being a Thankful Warrior" by Isaac Pierce!


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Dear Receiving Ones:

There is such an incredible anointing here at the Global Spheres Center during this week to prophesy!  The Call Center nearly took my breath away yesterday – there was such a powerful presence of the Lord as we took calls from all across this nation and many, many nations around the world.  In our first three days, our staff and volunteers gave over 5,300 prophecies by phone (including 205 in Spanish) and more than 1,100 by online chat.  We are truly going beyond!  We love to minister, and want to share God’s heart and mind with all of you connected here.  Our Hotline will continue to provide personal prophecies through 6 PM (CST) today, and again from 6 AM to 6 PM (CST) tomorrow, so it’s not too late to contact us at 1-940-382-7231.  If you’ve already called in and have a testimony to share, please write and let us know.  Let’s gain momentum in seeing this gift stirred up in the Body of Christ!

Breaking into a New Day!
In addition to those serving in the Call Center, we also have people gathering in the Prayer Tower to establish an atmosphere for God’s word to come forth with clarity and power in this prophetic portal.  Earlier today, we received this picture from the Prayer Tower at the breaking of the day.  Join us in declaring the light of God’s glory is arising in Israel and the nations.
Sunrise at Prayer Tower

Being a Thankful Warrior (by Isaac Pierce)
Many of you recognize my son, Isaac, as one our drummers as well as vocalists.  He wrote me yesterday with this amazing reflection that will encourage all of you.  As he shares, we are choosing to go beyond with a renewed sense of gratitude and identity. 
“I never thought I would be a father, a husband, or even remain as a son. I never thought I would get the chance to raise children and teach them how to be men so one day they can be fathers. I never thought I would get to teach them values, and no matter how small some people see it, watch my son pray at night, connecting his little hands together and bowing his head and saying amen. That is something I would never want to trade or change. Everything that I have done or did and every ‘what if’ and possibility has not only lead me here, but molded my life into a piece of art work that I would never have been able to draw on my own.

“I’m thankful for my scars and my misery I had to suffer through. Looking back I know I wasn’t alone -- we never truly are. Every wrong turn, battered road, bruise, cut, and broken bone I acquired made me able to see the value in a simple act, and not take for granted bowing my head with my children, and thanking the Lord for simple things … like air in my lungs, or laughing.

“Because we’re people, it’s easy to only thank the Lord for the good days and not the bad ones.  We can learn from bad days, maybe not life lessons, but how to war through them.  And sometimes you need to be a warrior.  So with that I’m thankful, for the good and bad, the ups and downs, my dark past, my life, and my wife -- because she makes everything seem a little brighter.  I’m thankful for my family, as well my ohana. I’m thankful for my Samoan father and my Hawaiian mother. I’m thankful for my irritatingly smart Island sister. I’m proud to try my hardest to teach my children their culture.

“So with all this, be thankful more often and try and complain a little less. It’s ok to fail as long as you’ve tried; there’s redemption when you humble yourself before the King. Since this is a year to be a warrior, challenge yourself to push against everything that holds you back, because you will always hear the footsteps of your slights.  Instead of outrunning them, challenge them, because a demon fears what it can’t intimidate. It’s your day and your life, so make it count."

Chuck D. Pierce

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