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Who Are You? Embracing Your Supernatural Identity!
Prophecy Hotline Continues!


Monday, March 5, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

We serve an amazing God!  As we saw yesterday morning, He is incredibly able to knit together a question of “Who are you?” through worship, teaching, prophecy, and ministry.  In this season of identifying, embracing and walking in our identity, you don’t want to miss both of our Sunday replays!

Going Beyond the Ephesus Church!  As we gathered to worship in our Breakthrough Revelation service, the Spirit of God opened a portal of prophetic revelation that called us beyond our last form of advancement.  Robert Heidler then continued our series on The Apostolic Church that has moved from the Jews in Jerusalem, to the gentiles at Antioch, and now to the pagans and occultists in Ephesus.  That city in southwest Turkey is where the Lord confronted the powers of darkness with EXTRAORDINARY miracles worked by the hands of Paul. The believers in Ephesus moved in such a demonstration of the power of God that many of the sorcerers and magicians themselves came into the Kingdom, and in just two years the city was evangelized! We, too, are called to go beyond in just such a way!

Who Are You?  Our Celebration Service was an explosive time of worship and prophecy with the Spirit of God challenging us to “go beyond” in the harvest.  The Father Heart of God manifested powerfully, drawing us upward to a new horizon line and forward in identity with the question, “Who are you?”  As we press towards Passover, the question each of us must answer is: “What identity will we manifest this season?” Are we being who we think we are, or who God has called us to be?  My prayer is that each of you will be able to answer His question of who you are. This is your time to allow the Father to pull you into becoming who you are!

Prophecy Hotline Continues!
Prophecy Hotline
We are recognized around the world as a prophetic house where the heart and mind of God is expressed.  We saw this freedom to move in prophecy during both of our services yesterday.  All this week (from 6 AM to 6 PM, Monday - Friday), we are opening our call center for individuals to receive a personal word of exhortation by calling 1-940-382-7231.  We had over 3,000 calls today, and actually overloaded our telecom provider with the high call volume!  (So, we apologize to those of you who got busy signals or long hold times.)  Our staff and others aligned with us locally are here to help you hear what God is speaking to you in this season of crossing over … both in English and Spanish.  We look forward to speaking with more of you these next four days!

Key Resources to Help Activate Your Prophetic Destiny!
Prophetic Activation  God's Now Time for Your Life!  Prophetic Promises
In this week of prophetic ministry, we want to see each of you activated and moving in a new dimension of hearing and releasing God’s voice.  Each of these resources will help awaken your prophetic gifting and develop new faith as you share Father’s heart and mind with those around you. 
A Weekend of Prophetic Activation! with Chuck D. Pierce, Mary Crum, Sandie Freed and Robert Heidler
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Awakening Our Prophetic Destiny for the Future! with Chuck D. Pierce, Dutch Sheets and Robert Heidler
SPECIAL: $25 (regularly $50) for CD or DVD set
Fighting for Your Prophetic Promises! by Barbara Wentroble
SPECIAL: $11 (regularly $13)
Specials expire on March 10. 

Chuck D. Pierce

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