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No Turning Back – We Are Going Beyond!
Special Sunday Morning Services to Break Open Your Day and Celebrate Resurrection Power!


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

What an amazing weekend!  In a time for going beyond … we have gone beyond!  Don’t miss our remaining sessions.  This afternoon we will be crossing over with our First Peoples, and tonight we will be Passing Over the Bridge to Our Future!  Join with us and break into your next season!

Special Sunday Services!
Tomorrow morning, we will meet at the Pavilion at 7 AM for our Breaking of the Day Celebration.  This will be a special outdoor service to celebrate the RESURRECTION of the Passover Lamb.  With the light of a new day, we will celebrate Yeshua’s victory over death, hell, and the grave. Although this service will not be live webcast, we will record it to make available in a few days.  Following the Breaking of the Day Service will be a time of water baptisms.  Many of you will want to spend time in the Gardens prior to enjoying breakfast in the Arbor. 

At 9:30 AM, we will begin our Special Celebration Service in the Tabernacle to close our weekend and break forth in a new way!  Prepare for an incredible time of worship, revelation, and celebrating the overcoming power of the Blood of the Risen Lamb!

Chuck D. Pierce

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