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Ascension Worship and Declaration with Chuck Pierce and James Vincent! “Deliverance: A Sign and Wonder of God” with Robert Heidler!

Friday, March 31, 2017             

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are getting our “footing” established in a new way here at the Global Spheres Center.  We just completed the next phase of development for the Miracle Center by staining 15,000 square feet of flooring.   This will now allow us to resume wall construction for this expansion of our community outreach services (dance, music, creative expression, etc.) and the “Harvest Treasury,” in honor of Dr. Peter Wagner.  Join us in declaring a new path of favor is forming for all of us to cross over!
Floor Staining Floor Staining

Sunday Morning Ascension Worship and Declaration!
I am looking forward to our services on Sunday morning at the Global Spheres Center.  During the Early Service at 8:00 AM, I will partner with James Vincent and our Judah Team for Ascension Worship and Declaration. Our entire first service will be a time of establishing an atmosphere where Heaven manifests on Earth.  Prepare your hearts for worship, and bringing the faith of God into your atmosphere.

Deliverance: A Sign and Wonder of God!
During our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM, we will continue to advance, with Judah going first!  Nissan is a month of redemption and the beginning of miracles.  In a time of supernatural intervention, I knew it was important to understand the power of deliverance.  Therefore, Robert Heidler will teach on “Deliverance: A Sign and Wonder of God!”  I hope many of you can enter into this time of breakthrough and freedom. 

A Time for FREEDOM … Tonight in Galveston, Texas!
I am just leaving for a “FREEDOM” gathering in Galveston at 7 PM.  In this time of crossing over, I felt a stirring to join John and Lisa Johnson at The Journey: Your Freedom Awaits You!”  Many are on the verge of stepping into a new dimension of overcoming and wholeness.  If you are in the region, you can join us at the Hotel Galvez and Spa (2024 Seawall Blvd).  There is no charge to attend, but registration is required and you can call 409-443-5587 for more details.

Mini Luau!
In West Texas, wild hogs are destroying much of the land.  We sent a team led by Daniel Pierce to help!  Peni Patu, who is visiting from Hawaii, then showed us how to turn the menaces into food.  Be sure to click HERE and watch this short video on the resulting min luau from Peni roasting the wild hog – Hawaiian style!
Daniel Pierce with Wild Hog Ben Windsor with Wild Hog

Team with Peni Patu Mini Luau

Chuck D. Pierce

If you would like to give to the ongoing work of this ministry you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202. 

Key Resources to Help You Walk in Deliverance!

Set Yourself Free! A Deliverance Manual by Robert Heidler
Also in
Spanish ($9)
Set Free
Many Christians yearn to escape Satan’s oppression and walk in a new measure of freedom. Jesus died that we might experience deliverance from every strategy of the enemy. This book is a life-changing guide for self-deliverance, so that you walk in new hope and victory.  Unlock your path of freedom!  This updated version includes teaching on escaping the religious spirit and resisting a God-robbing spirit. 
SPECIAL: $7 (regularly $9)

Time to Defeat the Devil by Chuck D. Pierce
As we all know, times are changing, and there is a historic shift occurring in the church today. In the midst of this change the enemy would try to distort our vision so we lose our way. The Lord stirred me to write this book so we would not shrink back, but learn to see in a new way and embrace the authority and power we have been given through our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.  The 20 chapters in this book will take you through a journey where you learn how to:

  • break free from life's past seasons of trauma, grief and loss
  • enter into a new level of freedom and victory
  • walk into the new season and times God has for you
  • understand and know the wiles of your enemy
  • understand what vexation is and how to break its grip

Perhaps what makes this book most unique is the focus on how to break the power of vexation and to renew our human spirit. Like righteous Lot, the enemy seeks to vex our spirit so that we become traumatized and fragmented. If he can block our spirit, he can stagnate our relationship with the One who created us, and overtake our soul. However, we have a FATHER of our human spirit who is able to renew and nourish our spirit! Learn how He longs to see us restored and made whole, and how we can "exercise" our spirit and commune with Him in a new way.
SPECIAL: $10 (regularly $15)

Storming the Gates of Hell: A Gathering to Experience Deliverance into Freedom!
Storming the Gates of Hell
Storming the Gates of Hell was an incredible gathering on February 19-22, 2015, that was fully destined by the Lord. We cannot remember a similar gathering where we touched the Lord corporately in worship and then individually received a divine impartation and deliverance as Holy Spirit ministered. If you are looking to walk in a new measure of freedom, then you will not want to miss each of these sessions:

Chuck Pierce: A Time to Transform into Your New Identity!
Bill Sudduth: Breaking Five Kinds of Curses!
Doris Wagner: Breaking Sexual Bondages!
Chris Hayward: Resurrection Life, and Overcoming the Spirit of Death!
Chris Hayward: Breaking the Walls of Rejection!
Chris Hayward: Receiving the Identity God Has for You!
Chuck Pierce: The Dangers of Desires That Are Not Submitted to God! 
Peter Wagner: Deliverance Ministers and Strategic Level Intercessors: God’s Frontline Warriors!
Becca Greenwood: Defeating Strongholds of the Mind!
Robert Heidler: Storming the Gates of Hell: Keys for Deliverance into Freedom!
Linda Heidler: Reversing the Effects of Freemasonry!
Kim Daniels: Dealing with Demonic Jurisdiction!
Robert Heidler: The Month of Adar 2015: A Month to Rejoice!
SPECIAL: $45 (regularly $75)

How to Cast Out Demons by Doris Wagner
Cast Out
How to Cast Out Demons is an easy-to-use guide that teaches Christians how to exercise authority over demonic spirits. Emphasizing biblical - not psychological - counseling, receive practical, down-to-earth teaching from one of the leading authorities on deliverance. 
SPECIAL: $12 (regularly $14)

Deliverance Ministry:  Be Healed, Made Whole, & Set Free! by Robert Heidler, Linda Heidler, and Chuck Pierce 
Deliverance Ministry
Many long to walk in freedom, but do not know how to break free from fears, lies, inadequacies and bondages. In this course, learn how those who have been held captive can be set free, as well as a practical understanding of protocols of deliverance ministry.  Some of the topics covered in this Issachar School class are:

  • Man’s Conscience Being Liberated
  • Protocols of Deliverance Ministry
  • God’s Defense System
  • Understanding Family
  • The Religious Spirit
  • Authority Issues
  • Why Some People Can’t Get Free

SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99)

These and many other resources are available by going to or by calling (888) 965-1099 or (940) 382-7231.  Specials are good through April 10, 2017.