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Don’t Miss Dutch Sheets Tonight at Passover 5778 Celebration! “Cutting Open the Way” Watch Begins at 6 PM!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

Thank you for praying us home safely from Asia.  We are so grateful for all that the Lord accomplished and for what lies ahead this weekend.  I hope many of you can join us tonight for DUTCH SHEETS and the beginning of our Passover 5778 Celebration.  You can see our schedule for the complete weekend by clicking HERE.  Even if you cannot travel to the Global Spheres Center, find your times to enter in by webcast and join us in GOING BEYOND!  For those who arrive early, I have asked Anne Tate to begin leading a watch at 6 PM.  The Lord woke her up in the night to say, “I am establishing the Sword of My Spirit in the mouth of My lovers!”  So don’t miss this time of “cutting open the way” to Passover 5778 (which will also be available by webcast).

The Atmosphere is Changing!  Prepare Your Sound of Violent Praise!
During our Firstfruits Celebration for Nisan, you may recall that the Spirit of God brought forth a word regarding Peni and Christine Patu in Hawaii, through a dream from Keith Pierce.  This was also a road sign to me for how the Lord was preparing to clear our atmosphere, as He had already given me Psalm 18 and said a word would come forward about Hawaii.  Christine Patu wrote me from Hawaii earlier this week with this update:
“The word you released last week to Hawaii - there has actually been a thick fog/ storm system brewing over the islands for 2 weeks. I shared your word to 45- 50 church ladies from different Christian churches in Kona who gather to pray and learn a hula special for the community Passover service every Monday.  One of the things I felt the Lord say to me as I pondered on your word and Keith's was to pray against the enemy’s hold over our people in the body of Christ from advancing, occupying, going and seeing beyond - it's a spiritual and physical system that we are warring over. There was such a stirring in the spirit as we roared before the Lord.
Double Rainbow in Hawaii
“After I left the meeting and headed out to work, a double rainbow appeared in the rain and I drove through them like double doors, decreeing the promises of our King over His people and our islands. The picture doesn't do justice but it's the brightest rainbow that I had seen up close.  The lightning system began last night. Today the storm has begun. Hail is expected to hit the volcano area. Winds are expected to increase. It's a cleansing over the land. Thank you for your word!  We continue to go beyond with you and our GZI ohana here in Hawaii.”

Even here in Texas the last few days have been filled with a cleansing rain.  The atmosphere is changing, and this is our time to cross over into the new.  During this month to fill our atmosphere with violent praise, it’s amazing that we will have a team from Island Breeze joining us (including Peni Patu).  Let’s stir our expectation to release a corporate sound of going beyond!  This is our time to break out in praise!

Chuck D. Pierce

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