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Historic Gathering in The Philippines! 
Amazing Call to Worship and Watch!


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

Manifesting the Light of God’s Glory” was a historic gathering in Manila of 10,000 hungry believers that are ready to bring heaven’s atmosphere down into the earth! The Philippines are called to wear the Shamar-Prophet Mantle for Indo-China!We seal everything the Lord has done, in Jesus name! Thank you for praying for us.  We are weary, but rejoicing over all that the Lord has done in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, and all of Asia. 
Going Beyond in The Philippines!  A New Sound in The Philippines!

Rising Up to Receive a New Mantle!  Watching for God's Time in Manila!
We are now flying home, and should arrive in Dallas this afternoon.  We will have less than a day to prepare for Passover, so continue to pray for a supernatural anointing for this week of going beyond!  We have nearly 2,000 registered, so this will be an incredible opportunity to align and release our corporate sound of worship, warfare, prophecy and revelation!  You can see our complete schedule by clicking HERE.  I look forward to seeing many of you and sharing more about this amazing four-nation assignment.

A Model of Going Beyond!
Doris Wagner - Going Beyond!
I have always seen Doris Wagner as Super Woman!  At 86 years old, she is a model of going beyond!  Check out this video of Doris pumping iron at Shiloh Fitness here at the Global Spheres Center.  She not only loves the opportunity to work out, but to participate in the exercise class we have for seniors, to add days to their lives and life to their days! As we pass over this week, let’s determine to follow Doris’ example of pressing past obstacles and limitations into an entirely new season of opportunity and increase!

Chuck D. Pierce

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