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Historic Time in Sri Lanka!  A Model of Harvest for All Asia!
The Passionate Love of God: Our Identity in Battle and Our Call to Manifest! Enter into Your Harvest War!


Monday, March 26, 2018

Dear Awakening Ones:

What a historic time in Sri Lanka!  All of the key leaders were in attendance, and I prophesied into their next two years:
“This is the beginning of two years of reformation.  Though this is the year of 70 and the year of coming out of a captivity and struggle that you’ve been in, it is the next two years that lead you into your future.  This is the time that I am raising up the Body in a new way. You will be heard throughout the land in a new way.  You will worship from north to south, and south to north. You will worship from east to west, and west to east. It will be heard that the songs of Sri Lanka are sweeping through southern Asia.  There is a new sound coming from this land, and though you have been a model, a new model is now going to arise.  From this land you will be watched after and looked at, and other nations will come in these next two years to say, ‘Look what is happening in the land of Sri Lanka!’  Southern Asia will hear the Wind of My Spirit has swept across the island of Sri Lanka, and it will be known that an unusual wind is resting on this place; a cloud of glory will be able to be seen over this nation!” Join us in declaring that Sri Lanka will become a model of HARVEST for all of Asia!   
Venue in Colombo, Sri Lanka  A New Key for New Access!

New Season, New Identity  New Harvest Season for Sri Lanka!

On to The Philippines!
After a day of flying, we just landed in Manila.  Please pray that we will finish strong tomorrow at the 29th National Prayer Gathering: Manifesting the Light of God’s Glory!  The Philippines is at a critical crossroads and a tipping point of their destiny, and the leadership is believing for a prophetic word to guide them through the last two years of their Jubilee decade (2010-2020).  Join us in declaring the release of revelation that will shift this nation into their next dimension of harvest. If you would still like to sow into this four-nation assignment, you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your donation to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.  On Wednesday morning, we begin our travel home, so continue to pray for our health and endurance to press into this weekend’s Passover Celebration.  So many of you have already registered, and I am looking forward to this time of GOING BEYOND! 

The Passionate Love of God: Our Identity in Battle and Our Call to Manifest!
I’ve heard amazing reports on yesterday’s services at the Global Spheres Center.  In this Passover week, we want to prepare our hearts for an outpouring of God’s Spirit. That is why Robert Heidler’s message on “Yahweh Nissi, the Lord our Banner: Leading us into Victory!” was so necessary.  We are called to battle against the works of the enemy, and His passionate love is our identity in this ministry battle.  This message of love continued in our Celebration Service as the Lord ministered to His people individually and corporately.  Keith Pierce then exhorted the Body to press for the manifestation of the Fruit of the Spiro, and not simply the gifts.  The morning culminated in a call to manifest the love of God in greater dimensions.  If you missed either of these services, I encourage you to catch the replays so your heart can respond to God’s passionate love demonstrated in this season.

Enter into Your Harvest War!
Promised Land Pendant   
With an entire chapter on “The Harvest War”, God's Unfolding Battle Plan will help you understand how to stand in victory in these contentious times. The final theater of war will be the war of harvest.  Harvest time is when we are at the end of a season, the crops have matured and there must be a gathering. Harvest is a process. The grain must be cut with a sickle. What has been cut is then gathered into sheaves and taken to the threshing floor, where tools or animals are used for the threshing. The grain is winnowed, tossed into the air, where the wind separates and blows away the chaff from the heavier kernels of the harvest.  The last phase of harvest is when the kernels are shaken in a sieve so that the harvest can be stored. The key to our harvest is the weight of His glory.  In the season ahead, there will be many issues that cause us to be tossed to and fro. Without the weight of His glory resting upon us, His people, we will be blown away and will not complete the harvesting process that God has released into the earth. This book is a tremendous resource to gain an understanding of the harvest war, and align with the call to harvest the nations!
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Chuck D. Pierce