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From St. Patrick to Now: An Apostolic Church Arising! 
Key Prophecy: A Week of Jarring Sounds … Awakening to a New Alignment and Transformation!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dear Awakening Ones:

I am always so grateful that the LORD chooses to communicate with His people.  On Sunday morning, He amazed us with His voice and presence during our Ascension Worship and Declaration service.  A portal of revelation opened to order our week ahead with jarring awakening and supernatural alignment.  As we read in Daniel 7, there comes a time when the Ancient of Days establishes His Throne and order.  What occurs in Heaven will cause the enemy to lose his seating, so we walk in a new way in the earth.  Be sure to read below a portion of Sunday’s prophetic release that will help direct your course this week! 

Rediscovering God’s Strategy for Worldwide Revival!  In our Celebration Service, we continued with more worship and prophecy.  This is a shifting week when our language must become more heavenly aligned, so we are speaking and decreeing things as they should be.  Robert Heidler then taught on “The Real St. Patrick!” and the rich spiritual inheritance of Saint Patrick and the Celtic Church.  I have heard Robert share on this before, but this time, he brought in a whole new dimension of how the apostolic church must operate today.  Be sure to watch the replay of “Rediscovering God’s Strategy for Worldwide Revival” and be activated into the miraculous faith the Celtic church operated in daily. 

A Week of Jarring Sounds: Awakening to a New Alignment and Transformation!
“There will be jarring sounds that are coming from the earth realm. These sounds will cause that which is sleeping within you to start awakening. Even sleeper cells will begin to wake up this week. Watch, for there will be an awakening going on this week throughout the earth realm and within nations.  Some things are awakening so that you might see them, and other things are awakening for Me to use in days ahead.  This is a week to know that jarring, awakening sounds will be coming from the earth!

“This will be a supernatural week of alignment. I will cause My Words to align in a new way. Also, I will cause words that you have heard but not been able to put together to now be aligned.  You will begin to see how My line for you to walk has developed around the earth.  This will be a week of alignment and supernatural aligning.  You will begin to arise and shine, even though you have fallen and been prostrate upon the ground.  Arise, shine, for your light has come. You will walk in a new line and many will step on the path with you.

“This is a time that you are going to be transfigured and transformed. My Son’s stepping into the realm of light and being transfigured was for you too.  Every Believer can step up and be transformed in the light that overwhelms, overshadows, and brings forth a new manifestation.  Now is your time to arise and be overshadowed by My Light!

“Though you’ve fallen and been disfigured, this is a week of ‘re-knitting’ and being put back together. Where you have been weak you will be made stronger – even stronger than you’ve been in the past. Quit looking at how you have fallen.  Instead, look at how you will walk again.

“Many would say, ‘I don’t know how much more strain I can take.’  But I know your true ability and capacity. I can allow strain and stress to come until you are shaped the way I long for you to be shaped for the future.  I hear you from the moment you cry, and come at the moment of your deliverance.  This is a month to watch for your moment of deliverance.”
  (Chuck D. Pierce, Anne Tate)

Chuck D. Pierce

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