Glory of Zion International MinistriesOn to Asia! Unlocking the Harvest of the Nations! Key Gatherings in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and The Philippines!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dear Nation Changers:

We just landed in Kuala Lumpur on this first stop of a four-nation assignment to Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and The Philippines.  It’s almost midnight here, so thank you for praying us through a long day of travel.  In just a few hours we will begin ministering at the 2018 Chinese Pastors and Leaders Conference.  The Chinese Church is in a three-year window of accelerated rearrangement of vision.  Join me in declaring that they will help lead the Body of Christ in new prototypes for harvest.  Traveling with me are Chad Foxworth, Anne Tate, Marty Cassady, John Pierce, John & Sheryl Price, and Trisha Roselle.  We consider it such an honor to release God’s heart and mind for these people and nations, to go beyond!  Please pray for angelic assistance and for portals of revelation to be opened so that harvest strategies can be unlocked and activated. As you can see below, our schedule for the week ahead is very demanding:

Wed & Thurs              2018 Chinese Pastors and Leaders Conference
Sat                               A Time to Gain Access: Opening Doors to the Future for Indonesia!   Jakarta INDONESIA
Sun                              New Season, New Identity!  Colombo SRI LANKA
Tues (Mar 27)             29th National Prayer Gathering: Manifesting the Light of God’s Glory! Manila THE PHILIPPINES
Wed (Mar 28)             Return to Dallas

Then of course, next Thursday evening we kick off our Passover Celebration: A Time to Go Beyond at the Global Spheres Center.  So we greatly value your prayers for our health, strength and safety, and that we remain in God’s perfect timing.  We also would greatly value your support for an international assignment of this length and nature. If you would like to sow into the HARVEST in these nations, you can donate online, by calling our office at 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231, or by postal mailing your gift to Glory of Zion, PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.

Let the Lion Roar!
If you have not already watched the replay from our Nisan Firstfruits Celebration, please make it a priority to do so this week.  Not only will this gathering help activate your voice, but it will also prepare you for Passover!  This is our month to praise violently and cause our atmosphere to align with the Voice of Heaven.   Just before I flew out yesterday, I received this video from Sarah Kearns, one of our dance instructors here at Illuminate and who you see dancing on many Sunday mornings.  I love how this expressed the message for this month … to LET THE LION ROAR!
Let the Lion Roar!
“Last Friday I went to the Fort Worth Zoo.  Any other time I have gone there the lions have just been sleeping or moving only a little.  However, this time the lion who had just climbed down from a high place (not seen in the video) started to roar, and the lion captured in this video then responded with his roar.  This set off a chain of roars – back and forth - for all to hear and feel.  In watching this, the Lord showed me that these lions have grown up in a habitat that is not that of other lions, but they still know who they are, as well as their sound and power. The Lord also showed me how the lion down below stirred up the lion standing higher. This is a time when the Body of Christ will begin to stir up a new sound within each other and begin to unlock that roar in each other.  This Sunday was continued confirmation for us to go beyond - confidently in who we are in Him. Let your roar and power be unleashed!”

Chuck D. Pierce