Glory of Zion International Ministries

Passover 2017: Breaking Your Seal and Crossing Over!

Passover 2017: A Time to Unseal the Future!
You will not want to miss celebrating Passover 2017 at Global Spheres Center!  This is a time to UNSEAL the FUTURE.  This is the time that God is breaking seals and causing us to see into our future.  Daniel 12:4 states, “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

We have an exceptional team of ministers joining us, including Venner Alston, Joe Donnell, Jane Hamon, Robert Heidler, Emmanuel Kure, Kent & Bev Mattox, Daniel & Amber Pierce, Isaac Pitre, Dutch Sheets, and Steven Springer

Sign up now since space is becoming limited!  Register at or by calling 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231.  If you cannot join us onsite from April 13-16, please try and connect by webcast.   Don’t miss your opportunity to embrace resurrection revelation and pass over into your next level of power and authority for the season ahead. 

Chuck D. Pierce