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Monday, March 12, 2018

Dear Advancing Ones:

I have loved reading the amazing testimonies of those of you who joined us for our Week of Prophecy.  As we heard in yesterday’s Breakthrough Revelation service, a team of over 150 ministered to thousands of people from around the world.  We are so grateful that the Lord has given this spiritual gift to the Body of Christ, and that He is causing all of us to go beyond in sharing His mind and heart by the Holy Spirit.  Prophecy is the outflow of the very nature of God.  I want to thank all of you who participated last week – either by staffing the phone or chat lines, or by calling.  There was a blessing released in the waiting, and we have much to look forward to in days ahead.  Be sure to watch Sunday’s 8 AM webcast replay to have your faith level soar from the testimonies that were shared!

You will also want to watch the replay from our Celebration Service.  From the first note of worship, there was a call to lift up a standard and the name of Jesus.  Jesus cares about His Church and therefore, has things He wants to communicate to us.  He wants us to be activated in new dimensions of ministry and empowered by His Spirit.  Robert Heidler’s message on “The Church in Corinth” was an amazing call to go beyond!  This historical church was not only at the crossroads of a nation, but the crossroads of the entire Mediterranean region. Just as the committed, enthusiastic sinners in the city of Corinth overcame their hardcore pagan roots, we too are being called to rise up in new expressions and testimonies of God’s power and grace.   Let’s continue to partner with the Spirit of God and see the worship structures around us grow and change to reflect His glory.

Key Resources to Help You Go Beyond in Your Understanding of the Church!
Apostolic Centers Today  Restoring Covenant Roots  Messianic Church Arising On Earth as it is in HeavenApostolic Centers Today  
The Church is beginning to model new forms of Kingdom authority. The gifts that the Lord gave when He ascended are being manifested in ways that are impacting cities, states and territories. Apostolic Centers (Freedom Outposts) are being raised up for the future which will serve as Kingdom-driven reform centers! Messages include:

  • Going Beyond Pentecost: Heading to Antioch!
  • Antioch Today: Modern Apostolic Hubs are Forming!
  • Apostolic Hubs: Understanding Ephesus!
  • The Apostolic Hub at Corinth: Reaching the Hard-Core Lost!
  • Walking in the World but Not Being of the World: As Unto the Lord!
  • The Apostolic Hub at Rome!
  • From Rome to Iona to Corinth, Texas!
  • A Time to Restore: Your House, the Tabernacle and the Land!

Allow this series of messages to not only take you on a journey of understanding, but also to activate you in new dimension of identity and mission.
SPECIAL: $20 (regularly $40) for CD or DVD set

Restoring Your Covenant Roots
This Issachar School course is key for understanding our future! Robert Heidler and Chuck Pierce shared on the Power of the Root.  This revelation is foundational and helps to illustrate the grafting process each of us must go through to enter the fullness of life the Lord has for us. Sessions include:

  • A Visit to the Early Church
  • The Emperor’s New Church
  • The Fruitful Olive Tree
  • When We Lost Our Jewish Roots
  • Being Restored to God’s Cycle of Life
  • Becoming One New Man

SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99) for CD or DVD set

The Messianic Church Arising by Robert Heidler
We live in one of the most exciting days in human history. Jesus is preparing His Bride! The Spirit of God is restoring the covenant roots of His church!  The Church is rising up in a power and glory we have not witnessed since the first century. The greater glory is on the horizon. The Lord is inviting you to be part of that restoration. The Messianic Church Arising has revival within its pages. It was written to help you experience the fullness of Christianity, and to know Christianity as God intended it. The purpose of this book is to help any Christian begin to regain the blessings of our lost inheritance! Once you see the root you are grafted into, the power of the Life of the root springs forth in you. You will bear fruit!
SPECIAL: $9 (regularly $12)

On Earth as it is in Heaven 
This album from Glory of Zion International Worship is so moving, as it captures the sounds of the Jew and Gentile coming together and the blending of generations. Release a shout of victory, and allow heaven to come down and move you as you worship on earth as it is in heaven.  Tracks are: Higher Place (It Might As Well Be Me), On Morning's Wing, This Means War (Wind of Heaven), By My God, The Lord's My Shepherd (Psalm 23), One New Man, Holy Spirit, Walk in Favor, The Tent Peg Song, It's Time to Praise, Great Place to Start, and Blessings.
SPECIAL: $10 (regularly $15) for CD
SPECIAL: $6.99 (regularly $9.99) for MP3
Specials expire on March 18.

Chuck D. Pierce

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