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Next 8 Days!  Receiving Yeshua’s Love and Provision!


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dear Receiving Ones: 

These last eight (8) days have just been awesome.  The statement that is so speaking to me during this time is: Yeshua Demonstrates His LOVE in a person’s life through unlocking their Redemptive Purpose and releasing their Sustenance and Provision for the future! This releases Glory and unlocks our land both SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY! These next eight (8) days we will concentrate on the release of supply!

During the FIRST Identity Watch in this 21 Days to our New Identity, Marty Cassady had a great revelation: “I saw an immense mountain in the Spirit. The Lord showed me all the watches we have done since we met at 5:15AM for many days, beginning in May 2014.  Each Watch had forged (that word was very specific) a path up the mountain of God.  The word ‘forge’ means to ‘beat into shape’ or ‘form or make’!  We are moving higher and higher into the understanding of who we are in Him, and as the vision blurred I heard the Lord say, ‘Remember, there is transformation at the top of the mountain!’ The Lord says, ‘I am forging our new identity and bringing us to a higher place where Heaven and Earth touch and our identity in Christ becomes a sure foundation!’  Our responsibility is to allow Him to form that identity in us.”  Anne Tate also shared with me, “When I came into the Prayer Tower on day 7, there were angels everywhere sent as change agents to impart to us the ability to be change agents.  Elaine Priestly and I both perceived them as the Judah Team was assembling to lead us in sound.  Our scripture that day was Zechariah 3 and 4.  The majority of the releases were only concerning natural things and not going beyond.  We did not break through until we began to partner with the angelic that was there.” 

The Lord has a great impartation He wants to release in this season. Now we must press to go “beyond” and not just “go through” the new gate ahead.  In the year 2018, a new generosity will release power that will cause the enemy to flee!

Day 9:  Read Genesis 45 and Romans 8.  Decree that no matter what you have gone through, God is working it to good.  Especially concentrate on Gen. 45:26-28.  Ask the Lord to reconcile any relationships with those who are part of your covenant heritage.  Jacob’s spirit was revived when he realized his future (Joseph) was still alive. He then saw the provision that Joseph had sent him.  Ask the Lord to reveal to you the provision that He has for you in days ahead. 

Day 10:  Read Exodus 12.  Meditate on verses 33-36.  Ask the Lord to show you the way into your future.  Don’t be afraid to declare that you will plunder your oppressors from the past and gain the supply that will propel you on your journey ahead.  Read Deuteronomy 8.  Remember the Lord your God.  Ask Him to give you a strategy to possess your land.  Meditate on verse 18.  He will give you the power to get wealth so that He may establish His covenant with you.  Power is vigor, strength, force and capacity.  He can unlock innate abilities within you to gain wealth.  Remember that you are part of a corporate movement.  As you pray for wealth, pray for those with whom you are aligned.  He will cause you to make certain adjustments, so that you can adapt to certain situations in days ahead. 

Day 11:  Read Joshua 1.  The whole book of Joshua is about the transference of wealth.  Inside of your promise is provision.  Your provision is also linked with your vision. Meditate on verses 8-9.  The power of meditating on His covenant relations to you will activate your success.  Success actually means that what you need is already on the path ahead.  Ask the Lord to open your eyes to it.  Read Joshua 5:12- 6:27.  There comes a time when your manna will cease and the war for your future begins.  Don’t fear your Jericho.  Just dedicate it fully to the Lord and He will see that what is invincible in your life will be brought down. 

Day 12:  Read the book of Ruth, concentrating on chapter 3.  Even though Naomi was in Moab, she remembered that she had an inheritance in Bethlehem.  Once she got back to the right place, the Law of Redemption began to go into operation.  Ask the Lord to activate the Law of Redemption and Restoration in your life.  In Ruth 3, there comes a moment when Ruth must shift for both her and Naomi to receive their future.  Ask the Lord to reveal your “moment” in days ahead.

Day 13:  Read 1 Samuel 30.  This is when the major transition in David’s life occurs.  Meditate on verses 8 and 19.  At the point of losing everything, he inquires of the Lord and the Lord directs him to pursue and recover all.  Along his path, the Lord placed David’s necessary help and he recovered everything and everyone that had been taken.  Be willing to give a special blessing to those who have helped you along your journey.  This action unlocked the next portion for David. 

Day 14:  Read 1 Kings 17-18.  Remember your decrees in the heavenlies.  While God is working on the process you are in, know that provision is there.  Ravens, widows and other sources may bring what you need to help you endure, until your breakthrough occurs.

Day 15:   Read Luke 5.  Ask the Lord to get into your boat.  Mediate on verses 4, 10.  Know that the Lord has a way to pour out His goodness upon you.  Watch as He renews your call. 

Day 16:  Read Acts 2.  Meditate on verses 40-47.  God is doing a new thing in the Church with His people.  This new thing encompasses fellowship , breaking of bread, prayers, and provision.  Ask the Lord to show you how to advance to your GATE ahead that will lead you into the next phase of the movement that He has for you. Ask Him to reveal your place in the Body of Christ, and in His kingdom plan, as we advance in days ahead.

21 Days of Identity Watches Continue!
In conjunction with our 21-day Prayer Focus, we are hosting 21 days of “Identity Watches!”  We have completed our first seven days of watches at 6 AM, and are now in our next seven days of watches at noon.  Here is our schedule for the next few days:
Friday at noon in the Prayer Tower
Saturday at noon in the Prayer Tower
Sunday immediately after our Firstfruits Celebration in the Tabernacle
Monday at noon in the Prayer Tower
Tuesday at noon in the Prayer Tower
Wednesday at noon in the Prayer Tower

This will be followed by our final seven watches at 6 PM.  The anointing in these prayer gatherings is growing more and more powerful, and I hope many of you can enter into these watches, either here at the Global Spheres Center or by webcast (live or replay).  Let’s continue to “watch” for our identity to manifest!

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A Time to Prosper!
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We developed our Multiply and Prosper candle and anointing oil set with fragrances that include pomegranate, cherry and vanilla in an almond base.  A price has been paid for our redemption so we could enter into our provision.  Allow these resources to remind you that we have entered a season where your "seed” will begin to produce great fruit and harvest in days ahead.
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Chuck D. Pierce

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