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Going Beyond with The Antioch Church and Your Call to Harvest! Two Must-See Replays from Sunday Morning!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dear Kingdom Harvesters:

I don’t know that Sunday morning could have been better!  Robert’s teaching on “The Antioch Church” took us BEYOND, and then Ché Ahn’s message activated us in a double portion of prophetic evangelism.  Be sure to watch the replays and enter into this HARVEST season!

The Apostolic Church: Going Beyond!
Our series on the apostolic church is just incredible.  After initially beginning with a study of the Church in Jerusalem, Robert Heidler moved us forward in the Lord’s apostolic procession to The Antioch Church and how it needed to GO BEYOND.  In Antioch, the early Church was no longer in a Jewish environment and began to exhibit their identity as “One New Man.” Great faith was incubated in the large, corporate synagogue gatherings, and in their homes they exercised and operated in the fullness of their spiritual giftings. The five-fold ministry grew and the Church exploded!  

A Call to Harvest!
During our Celebration Service, we were honored to have Apostle Ché Ahn with us.  His message on reaching the lost was just amazing.  In this Harvest season, all of us can begin by praying for the salvation of those in our family units, as well as our friends and neighbors.  Ché’s word activated great faith and opened the door to a fresh expression of prophetic evangelism.  Be sure to watch the webcast replay and enter into this harvest movement! 

Key Resources to Help You Go Beyond in this Harvest Season!
Apostolic Centers Arising!  One New Man!  When Heaven Comes Down!Apostolic Centers Arising!
Apostolic Centers Arising was a key gathering at the Global Spheres Center for all who desire to understand God’s call to advance His Kingdom this season. In a time of shifting from a traditional church expression to the New Testament Apostolic Center, Apostolic Centers Arising provides both strategic revelation and practical application, whether starting a work from scratch or seeking to transition an existing work. Apostolic Centers are arising all over the globe, and will become glory hubs and transformation centers for the next move of God. This conference set includes messages from Peter Wagner, Stephen Johnson, Alain Caron, Ché Ahn, Ryan Wyatt, Fernando Guillen, Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Robert Heidler, Troy Goode, Greg Brown and David Carey.
SPECIAL: $20 (regularly $40) for CD or DVD set

One New Man: Understanding our Jewish Roots by Robert Heidler
Learn how to restore the blessing of our lost biblical inheritance when we embrace the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.  Sessions include:
The Church God Planted
How We Lost our Jewish Roots
God’s Plan for the Church
What We Gained ... and Lost
The Jewish Roots of Revival
Walking in Holiness
SPECIAL: $30 (regularly $99) for CD or DVD set

When Heaven Comes Down! by Ché Ahn
Accounts of God’s glory and manifest presence fill the pages of the Bible. Yet today these miraculous experiences often seem few and far between. They don’t have to be! Sharing biblical insights as well as firsthand experiences of revival around the world, evangelist Ché Ahn helps you understand what the glory of God is and how to receive more of it in your life. 
SPECIAL: $11 (regularly $13)

Chuck D. Pierce

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