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Understanding Your Identity!  Join in with the Universe to Declare God’s Glory! Embracing Your Identity for the Season Ahead!


Friday, February 2, 2018

Dear Understanding Ones:

I love that so many of you have started our 21-day Prayer Focus to Come into a New Identity!  If you have not begun, it’s not too late – just print out yesterday’s email or go to  Additionally, you can join our 21 days of “Identity Watches” either onsite or on the web.  Tomorrow’s (Saturday) watch will be at 6 AM in the Prayer Tower, and Sunday’s watch will be at 7 AM in the Tabernacle.  As you move through these 21 days, I am praying for an unlocking of the full destiny of who you are.

A Sunday to Understand Your Identity!
These three weeks are a kairos time to reflect on who you are designed to be.  Therefore, during our Breakthrough Revelation service at 8 AM, I have asked Janice Swinney to minister on “Unlocking the Kingdom Within You!”  There is a Kingdom identity that each of us must release.  When we seek God’s Kingdom first, our heavenly DNA begins to manifest.  Don’t miss this time of activation and demonstration!  Our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM will continue establishing an atmosphere for our faith to become sight.  Robert Heidler will be teaching on “How All the Universe Declares God’s Glory: A Fresh Picture of God’s Power and Greatness!”  Let’s continue to release our new sounds and join with all creation in declaring the glory of the Lord.  Each of these services will help you embrace your identity in Him:
7 AM              Identity Watch
8 AM              Breakthrough Revelation Service
9:30 AM         Celebration Service

Embracing Your Identity for the Season Ahead!
If you will remember, at our Starting the Year Off Right Celebration Cindy Jacobs shared her heart for people to sow into me personally, and the need for me to get a new car.  A vehicle is linked with your ministry identity.  I have never been really excited about new cars, and instead just drive what the Lord provides for me. But I do love to help other people get cars and watch how the Lord moves to provide the right vehicle.

As I was sitting in the Garden this Wednesday to spend time with the Lord after a hard month, all of the sudden I heard the Lord say, “Go get the car that Cindy prophesied.” I got up and went to a dealership that I have used regularly in the past. The gentleman I have worked with for years is off on Wednesdays, so when I walked in I was surprised to find him there. I asked him about last season’s Cadillac model, but he said, “No, I have a better idea. A widow just brought in a 2015 with only 9,000 miles on it.” I was amazed.  By purchasing that vehicle at a huge discount, I saved about $20,000 and got the car the Lord wanted me to have for my identity for the future. This is how I am also praying for each of you!Chad Rejoicing Over New Car!
My assistant, Chad Foxworth, wanted to add his portion:
“I have witnessed Chuck give away numerous cars. He has always made sure others have a way of transportation over himself. Now the time has come for the Lord to honor him. Chuck does not honor himself … he waits for God to do it! Words cannot express how grateful we are for your generosity! On behalf of the Glory of Zion Staff, we thank you, and may your giving return to you 100-fold in Jesus name! I will now not be embarrassed to drive him around!"

Shabbat shalom,
Chuck D. Pierce

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