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Going Beyond!  Enter into Your New Training and Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts in the Rising Apostolic Church!


Monday, February 19, 2018

Dear Developing Ones:

Don’t Miss Both Replays from Our Sunday Services!  Go Beyond Your Last Understanding of Multiplication and Exercise Your Gifts in the Rising Apostolic Church!

I cannot express how grateful I am that the Spirit of God meets us when we gather corporately.  Yesterday’s services were so powerful and filled with prophetic revelation.  The release of sound during worship broke open a fresh stream of prophetic revelation for this week of “going beyond.”  Only the Lord could have shown me to minister on “God’s Order for Kingdom Government: New Apostolic Storehouses Emerging!”  When we begin to understand His order, He can cause new forms of increase to arise. Do not stop using your gifts, for this will be a key to seeing you multiply and mobilize in new ways.   

During our Celebration Service, there was another surge of prophetic revelation as we aligned with the lightning and thunders of Heaven. This is such a critical week, and the heavens are being unlocked for the Triumphant Reserve to enter into the victory on the horizon!  This opened the door for Robert Heidler to add to what I shared previously as he taught on “The Apostolic Church … Going Beyond!”  Several years ago, we studied the origins of the apostolic church in Jerusalem, but Robert helped us shift our focus to see the Church that was, is, and is to come!  Don’t miss his call to launch out and develop your spiritual gifts for such a time as this!

Key Resources to Help You Beyond Where You Have Been!
Apostolic Church Arising  One Thing  Understanding Spiritual Gifts
The Apostolic Church Arising traces the history of the original apostolic centers that we read of in the New Testament to the "now” of their multiplication and existence. This will help you better understand the apostolic prototype the Lord created for His Church to overcome the gates of hell. Join the Triumphant Reserve who is embracing the administration of a new apostolic church, filled with power and glory! As you read this book or listen to the audio version, you will sense yourself arising with Kingdom power and authority. Become one of those who demonstrates His glory today!
Book: $9
 (regularly $14) – English or Chinese
E-book: $4.99 (regularly $6.99)
MP3: $12.99 (regularly $16.99)
CD Audio Book: $18 (regularly $25)

One Thing by Chuck and Pam Pierce
Far too often we get caught up in a long list of things that need to be accomplished before we can go beyond where we presently are. However, many times it is just one thing that the Lord is putting His finger on in our lives.  Once we address that issue – no matter how large or sometimes small it may seem – we experience great breakthrough.  This book by Chuck and Pam Pierce is a wonderful collection of stories that will help you hear from the Lord and press on.  Like few other resources, this book will shower you with fresh strength, and empower you to step out once again into an uncertain world and fulfill God’s best for your life. 
SPECIAL: $9 (regularly $15)

Understanding and Activating Your Spiritual Gifts!
The Lord has given you a destiny. He has also given you a unique mix of gifts to fulfill that destiny. You will experience life at its fullest and display His glory at its richest when you passionately walk in the callings and gifting that the Lord has imparted to you. Understanding and Activating Your Spiritual Gifts was a fun, liberating seminar with teaching on understanding your personality type, as well as spiritual gifts. Teaching by Peter and Doris Wagner, Robert Heidler and Chuck D. Pierce will help you experience personal fulfillment and be activated in new ways.  
SPECIAL: $20 (regularly $35)

Chuck D. Pierce

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