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“God’s Order for Kingdom Government: New Apostolic Storehouses Emerging” with Chuck Pierce! and
The Apostolic Church – Going Beyond!  Part One: The Jerusalem Church” with Robert Heidler!


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dear Ordered Ones:

This has been such an amazing week of becoming who we are in Christ.  Tomorrow’s services should help us unlock an even greater revelation of our Kingdom identity.  During our Breakthrough Revelation service at 8 AM, I will be ministering on “God’s Order for Kingdom Government: New Apostolic Storehouses Emerging!”  When we seek God’s Kingdom first and His righteousness, all things are added to us.  In a year of “firsts”, don’t miss this time of aligning with His First order. 

Our Celebration Service at 9:30 AM will continue establishing an atmosphere for our faith to become sight.  Robert Heidler will be teaching on The Apostolic Church: Going Beyond!  Whereas we have taught on apostolic centers in the past, now is the time to press into a new level of revelation.  I look forward to his first message in this series, “That Church that Was, That Is, and That Is to Come!” and his focus on the Jerusalem Church.

21 Days of Identity Watches!  We are in our final seven days of “Identity Watches.”  Each of these have been an amazing way to help develop our identity for this season.  Through Wednesday, these times of worship, intercession and prophetic declaration are in the Prayer Tower at 6 PM.  Find your times to enter in, onsite or by webcast (live or replay).

Chuck D. Pierce

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